So I got mugged at gunpoint this evening...

I’m fine. He took my phone, purse (but not huge backpack), ID’s, etc.

The cops were quite on it, even taking me to identify some guys (not the perp, unfortunately).

I think the poor kid was just about as scared as I was. I really think this was his first time, and he probably had a compatriot hiding a block away.

I’m really angry at the inconvenience this is causing me, but I’m fine. I get to continue on with my generally awesome life, and if this dude doesn’t shape up quick his whole life will go down the shitter.

Not that I didn’t ask the credit card people if they could make his head explode if he tried to use my card. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m sad my purse is gone; it was a Nightmare Before Christmas one, and I’ve had it for a long time.

I’m processing right now. Also, I’d really like strokes. I wasn’t as scared as I thought I might be, but it was still pretty scary. I almost feel worse for the friend I was on the phone with; I kept her on the phone long enough (on purpose) that she heard him threaten to shoot me, and she called 911 before I got to, and then had to wait to hear I was ok.

That’s awful! I’m glad you’re okay and he didn’t hurt you. It’s kind of you to be thinking of your poor friend too. I really admire the prgmatic approach you’re taking to all this although it’s hugely understandable that it’s left you feeling shaky.

I hope the various agencies get you your new cards as soon as possible and I’m sorry you lost your bag with its sentimental value. Do ask if it gets handed in - often thieves toss the bags after cleaning out the valuables.

I’m in Seattle. I just posted an ad on Craigslist asking anyone who finds the discarded purse to contact me.

ETA: I have in the past made an effort to contact people whose discarded non-valuables I’ve found in various places. If there is karma, I hope I get some.

Ack! I’m glad to hear you’re all right.

What a horrible ordeal! :frowning:

Ditto on what Promethea said about the bag – it’s actually quite likely to have been tossed in a yard or the stairwell of some building close by, as soon as the perp finished rifling through it. You may want to look around / ask around the area where it happened (if it’s a generally safe area, at least by day) and not just rely on it being handed it.

Credit Cards are a plus here – from my own experience. I know that when my apartment was broken into (with us asleep! Dogs never even barked…) a neighbor later found my wife’s handbag on a nearby rooftop. He identified us by her documents and CC’s which had not been taken from the bag. I guess the slightly more functional perps of this world realize that yes, they can get their head exploded (figuratively) if the try to use a CC that’s been reported stolen.
Of course the CC’s had long been canceled and new ones issued…

Glad to see you’re still merry (given the general feeling of OMG that’s still landing). I hope you get the bag back.

Wow, your composure is to be commended… and admired!

So which voice did you use to talk to the perp; the one from Dirty Merry or Magdalen Force?

Glad you are OK.

How scary! Glad you’re okay – hope they catch the guy.

Only you, lieu:wink:

**Merry **- as the others have said: Ack! But your *sangfroid *both in how you dealt with it and how you are processing it now is to be admired…

I’m so glad you are okay.

Way to keep your wits about you with the friend on the phone thing. I admire that kind of composure greatly.

I know you had attachment to the old bag, but maybe it’s time to treat yourself to something lovely and new? Y’know, a little retail therapy!

A coworker of mine had her wallet stolen out of her office, so when she discovered the theft, she called building security then set about canceling her cards, calling her bank, etc. Security took a statement, then searched the area. They found her wallet, missing only the cash, in the stairwell closest to her office. Looks like the thief just grabbed the easiest-to-use asset and got out of there. So with any luck, maybe at least your purse will turn up.

I’m glad he had such a mature woman to pop his mugging cherry. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d say if you’re mugging people at gunpoint, you’re already there!
How scary- you really do seem to be fine, but I’d probably still be shitting my pants. Gotta wonder what having a gun pointed at you does to your adrenaline and stuff. Yikes. Glad you’re okay.

I really admire your composure too! Long ago my car was broken into, and after I found it I was a nervous wreck. And the break-in had to have happened hours before. I just felt so violated and vulnerable! So here’s a hug in case you need one. hug

So your instinct was to just chill out and give him what he wants? My instinct would probably be to just run.

Did you miss the “at gunpoint” thing? There’s almost no way I wouldn’t cooperate.

I’m glad you’re ok.

You might try having a friend go to the area and look in the dumpsters and trash cans in the neighborhood. Hubby and I did this for a friend and found her purse. A caveat, however, you probably won’t want it after it’s been in the garbage. You may not want it even if it wasn’t, since it will remind you of the incident.

I’m sad to know we aren’t as safe as we once were. We live on Sand Point Way, near Children’s Hospital. We left our doors unlocked for years, then someone broke into our truck. Then a couple weeks ago I saw a prowler in the back yard. Doors are locked now, even during the day.

One has to wonder – in a safe environment where rational thought can occur – if a scared mugger would actually gun down a fleeing victim. I’d bet he wouldn’t, though I wouldn’t bet my life on it.

MerryMagdalen, more kudos for keeping your cool. You’re Batgirl!

That’s some scary shit, MerryMagdalen. I’m glad you’re okay and I hope the inconvenience is minimal. And props on your quick thinking with the phone.