Too much to drink = involunary stess release?

What a crazy night I had yesterday

It had been a long day. First I had my english class, then I went to work. Some of my colleagues tend to get on my nerves at work (even though I like hanging out with them later) Also I bumped into my old boss who had fired me from a previous job in the afternoon while grocery shopping. That was stressful. I skipped lunch and ate a small supper. Then I went and played a somewhat uneventful unfulfilling music performance with my community band. After we went for beers…

I had a few pints, and before I knew it I was drunk and near in tears! I just all of a sudden got really depressed about everything! I went for a walk and someone drove me home. It was a terrible night! I used to drink a fair amount, but I have really cut down until last night. I don’t think I have had a beer for a month until yesterday.

It was just so strange, my friends were really concerned about what was going on. I seem to like to vent my stress every month or so. I just couldn’t help it.

What a weird night…I wonder if anyone else has had something like this happen. I think I’m done with alcohal

Try again. We’re not letting you Slip Back because of a seemingly innocent slip of the tongue.