Too Sad To Make A Witty Title [Dead Duck]

Disclaimer: Copied and pasted from myself…somewhere else in time…

Once upon a time, there were two happy ducks in a pond not far from me, a male and female - AKA ‘Mister’ and ‘Missus’.
They were Muscovy ducks and had a great life going on.

Yesterday, we pull up and notice Missus all by herself, and no Mister in sight.
Mister always waddles up to us when we drive in. He always watches Missus’s back too, so it was strange not to see him around.
Then we notice empty beer bottles, and party debris all over the place.
Donut tracks all over the grassy areas plus litter everywhere. Some folks obviously had a good time in the back of the cemetery.
I guess their sense of a good time involved killing a people-friendly duck of all things.

Mister was a friend, and trusted humans. Missus was shy, and that’s probably why she is still alive.

So this is my toast to those that broke that trust:
I will proudly insert a barbed-wire wrapped finger of your choice into your ass while saying:
“Hey! By the way - you now get go to Hell”.
Preferably after we roast your weenie for the raccoons to feast on, not that they would like it.

RIP Mister

Sorry, to hear that. Maybe he will still turn up? Some animals hide out if they are not feeling well.
Yeah, its hard to imagine what kind of person would harm a duck. A couple of years ago some nut case was caught on surveillance tape killing ten friendly ducks that lived in a pond at a car wash just blocks from my house. They were kind of a local attraction.
It was all over the local news for weeks.
They never caught the guy.

However he was so sociable to us (and most likely other folks that visit this out of the way spot) I fear the worst.
The usually serene spot was trashed, and knowing drunk Texas teenagers, I suspect fowl play.
(Pun intended).
I was trying to tell my friend who was clearly more upset than me, that sometimes nature is heartless, avian flu, predators such as hawks, eagles, coyotes, blah blah…

But this event sure looked like a “high-school-party-by-the-pond-trying-to-run-over-a-duck type thingy”.

Meanwhile Missus is now all alone.
Anyone know where I can get some Muscovy ducks?

Come to St. Petersburg, FL where we have a surplus.

Sorry, we dont seem to get any Muscovy ducks here in California. But we do have more Canadian Geese than we know what to do with. They’re supposed to go home for the summer, but some have figured out they like it here. They seem to like the safety of our parks and golf courses.

LunaV: I didn’t realize Muscovy ducks were considered pests. These were the only two I’ve seen around here. I wish I had the means to take some of those surplus ducks off everyones hands.
RedSwinglineOne**: We have our share of those also. This area has many migratory species stop or pass through.

This might make you feel a little better.
duck vs dog
If Mister was anything like this guy, maybe he took a few of the bad guys with him. :slight_smile:

There are quite a few around here. Most people I’ve talked to don’t find them a problem, and many adore them. I can see the validity of the complaints, but to kill them is not a good solution.
From what I understand, lots of people have spoken out against the killing. There’s support there, but I haven’t heard about what they’ve decided to do.

I changed your thread title, Cabin_Fever, to make it more descriptive. If you want to change it to a better title (‘cause I know mine ain’t the best), shoot me an e-mail or sumtin’.

No problem SkipMagic, I appreicate it. I’m not to good at titles myself.