Too-tart blackberries. What to do with 'em?

My instinct is to briefly is to briefly simmer them with sugar into a syrup, which I can then use to … what?

Mind you, I’m cooking for one and this is just a single pint, so I don’t want any big jam recipes. But, any other ideas?

Apple and blackberry pie is great. If you choose sweet apples it will make up for the blackberries.

Keep it in the fridge and use it with oatmeal, yogurt, vanilla ice cream, pancakes…

Friends of mine made blackberry cordial out of vodka and blackberries. It was pretty darned fabulous. Looks like there’s a bunch of recipes out there.

My first thought matches one of SacFly’s…pankcake syrup!

When I was a kid the big treat for us kids was to fill a bowl with blackberries and milk, add some sugar and grab a spoon.

Now I want a bowl of berries.

Generally speaking, overly tart fruit is ideal for preserves/jam/jelly making. Otherwise it’s hard to get that acidic zip. Making them sweeter is just a matter of adding sugar.

You can also serve the syrup and berries as a dessert over pound cake with whipped cream. You can use sliced donuts or whatever sweet bread type thing instead of pound cake.

separate them on a plate or pan then freeze. then bag them and keep in freezer. eat one at a time for a frozen tart treat.

I’d make an easy berry crumble and eat it with ice cream!