What to do with blackberry jam?

Hallboy and I went picking blackberries yesterday, and by the time the evening rolled around, I’d convinced myself that I wanted to make blackberry jam. I’d not made it before, so when the first batch didn’t jell like I thought it should, I made a second. Imagine my surprise when I woke up this morning to see that BOTH batches of blackberry jam had jelled very nicely. (I actually canned it, so it’s preserved and doesn’t need refrigeration until after it’s opened.)

As a result, I have double batches of blackberry jam–which translates into more jam than I’ll be able to eat in a lifetime. I plan on giving away some jars, but that will still leave me with quite a bit. I love it, but not enough to schmear it on every single piece of toast I eat until I die.

So, what can I do with it?

the middle filling on a layer cake.
The jam filling in “thumbprint” cookies.
With ricotta cheese filling for blintzes or crepes.

Let me think.

Warm it gently and thin with a bit of water (or better yet, ginger ale) to put on pancakes or waffles.

I’ve used several different jams as glazes on roasted pork loin.

Use it to top your favorite cheesecake.

Annoy the cat by smearing a spoonful on the back of it’s head. :smiley:

Sell it to me.

Swirl it into yogurt.

Mix with mustard and glaze chicken or pork.

I don’t know how long canned blackberry jam lasts, but if it will last for a year or more, I’d say that you have most of your Christmas shopping done already.

Add some to BBQ sauce, one that isn’t very sweet - a restaurant near me has incredible BBQ pork ribs with blackberry glaze.

I’ve had raspberry chipotle BBQ sauce, to die for. Can’t think why not blackberry, too.

Do you want to die old, in pain, in a hospital bed, unable to move or go to the toilet by yourself? Or young, with a belly full of blackberry jam, your final memory the delightful taste of blackberry jam? It’s your choice.

bread jam and cream

gifts to the blackberry jamless

Smoothies. Plain yogurt, banana, ice, touch of milk and a dollop of jam.

Jam tarts. Mmm.

Make homemade ice cream. Put a dollop of jam between layers of the freshly churned ice cream and finish freezing it. I just did that with a gift jar of a chocolate raspberry jam and it’s wonderful!

Blackberry jam cake

This recipe is delicious. In the alternative ,you could mail me a few jars. I’d pay for shipping!

Jam on top of ice cream. How could you not know this? :slight_smile:

You can use a fair amount of jam with a coconut slice - this one is with raspberry jam but would be equally good with blackberry.

Or you could mix it with apples and make a crumble?

Other than that, I was thinking that it could be added to a glaze for savoury dishes.

Homemade poptarts

Ooh, or a Devonshire cream tea.

Mixed in to plain yogurt. Mmmmmmmmmmmm.

Jam in ice cream, if you make your own.