I just picked 5 lbs of raspberries

Any suggestions as to what I should do with them?
I normally would make cobblers and such with them, but the sibling is in town and she’s good at making cakes. Have any of you made or eaten a cake the used a large amount of raspberries?

MEAD! Well, technically Melomel. Recipe, another

Give them to me. Marvel as I eat handfuls of them and finish them all in one sitting.

Give me half your berries and I will hand over my recipe!!
I am shocked you ever have enough berries left over to make them into anything. I woud have them all eaten in the car on the way home from the farm.

I do have a great cake recipe that uses raspberries, although not in that large a quantity. They are mostly used as a garnish. It takes about a dozen or so. The cake is a very dense chocolate cake with a raspberry glaze on top.

If you would like the recipe I will be happy to email it to you.

Eat them as are. I bet you can use crappier raspberries for the processed desserts with little change in final taste.

Marinate some of them in balsamic vinegar overnight, and then put them on a salad, or better yet, on top of good vanilla ice cream. Seriously.

Just did the same thing–all wild (black) raspberries, here, from our property and a nearby country road. Yum. I made a bunch of jam, some turnovers, and still have a few quarts sitting in the fridge…

Hah! I would have eaten most, if not all, of them too. I think Toadspittle probably made the best suggestions, though - either can them or freeze them or make them into jam. Raspberry jam would make an excellent layer for a chocolate cake, btw. :slight_smile:

Raspberries freeze well, so you can always keep your options open.

Raspberry ice cream is good. We just finished off the raspberry-strawberry ice cream I made for the 4th. (I didn’t have enough of either, so they got combined. Made for a tasty ice cream).