Top 10 reasons for [your voice type]

Actually I’m a tenor myself. I never could resist an easy wise crack, that’s all.

This semester I’m second soprano. I LOVE those jokes. Though I can think of a few of the OTHER sopranos who might get offended…:slight_smile: (What is it about being able to sing really high that causes egos to inflate? It takes just as much work to sing ANY notes!)

realizes she hasn’t practiced all weeks and has a voice lesson tomorrow morning

Works for instrumentalists, too.

Most soprano jokes are interchangable with trumpet-player jokes.

The funny thing about this is, I was taught to read treble clef in my fourth grade music class. I became much more familiar with treble clef in seventh grade when I started playing trumpet. I started singing baritone in college and, while I do know how to read bass clef, I never learned to do it fluently (essentially what my brain does, if I have to name a note, is transpose it to treble clef first). So, if you asked me to sing a line of bass music naming the notes instead of reading the text, I wouldn’t be able to do it unless it were in grave tempo and/or had a lot of whole notes.

You can smoke cigarettes and drink whiskey for over twenty years, and no one will notice.

very good screech-owl. i really enjoyed these. just perfect after another fun sunday with the church choir.

The great choirmaster in the sky beats you with a stick. "You, madame, are an ALTO!

Just grab a friend with a piano. Warm up good and see what your range is. (How low and how high you can go.) I forget what the generally accepted ranges are for each voice part… anyone?