Top 10 Reasons Playstation 2 is better than a woman

From The X Show:

10…Doesn’t take foreplay to turn it on
9…Comes with instructions
8…Volume control!
7…Doesn’t care if you play with another system
6…Doesn’t want to cuddle afterwards
5…Can handle up to four at one time!
4…You can always reset
3…With a flick of the thumb, you can get it to go down
2…You can plug it in the rear
1…PS2 is better than PMS


You can always erase it’s memory.
Only plays games when YOU want to.
Will not resent you for playing with that Sega Dreamcast down the street.

Yea, but…

A woman, even a damn good woman is currently easier to find :wink:

Not to mention all the other benefits a good woman has over a PS2, but that wouldn’t be in the tongue in cheek tone of this thread.

Uhh…no comment. :smiley: