Top 6@6 Week #12. Your Bjork/Sugarcubes Faves AND B-52's Results from Week #11.

Polling is closed. A lisping, screeching thanks to the Dopers who responded. Honorable mentions this week go to John Carter of Mars who pointed out the tabulation error in the Chuck Berry poll from last week. That’s the 2nd error made by the accountants here at the 6 @ 6 corporate office…I think it’s time I fire the whole staff and hire some real number crunchers; maybe some pink-slipped ex-Arthur Anderson employees. Small aside to tourbot; placement between #6 and #1 are not weighted, but it does give other posters what your idea of the best of the best is.

Turnout was low. Alas, the 6 @ 6 popularity appears to be waning on it’s way toward imminent extinction.

First: Results from The B-52’s poll from week #11.
Now that’s it’s history, we can add it to the pile of[ul]
[li]Chuck Berry,[/li][li]The Beastie Boys,[/li][li]Jeff Beck,[/li][li]The Band,[/li][li]Beach Boys, [/li][li]Beatles,[]Animals,[]Tori Amos,[]Allman Brothers,and[]Aerosmith. polls[/ul]All right, here are your B-52’s Picks (Ala Fred):[ul][/li][li]First Playth: Dance This Mess Around and Rock Lobster: Tied with 5 Votes[/li][li]Thekinned Playth: Planet Claire and Private Idaho: Tied with 4 Votes [/li][li]Third Playth: Quiche Lorraine, Song For a Future Generation and Strobe Light: Tied with 3 Votes [/li][li]Runners Up: Channel Z, Love Shack and Party Out Of Bounds: Tied with 2 Votes.[/ul] [/li]Honorable Mentions (With 1 vote each): [ul][li]52 Girls[]6060-842[]Ain’t It a Shame[]Dirty Back Road[]Downtown[]Follow Your Bliss[]Girl From Ipanema Goes to Greenland []Give me back my man[]Good Stuff[]Roam[]TrismWig[/ul] [/li]Note: for the 2nd time this month (the 1st being Jeff Beck’s Hi Ho Siulver Lining) we’ve had an anti-nomination: Quiche Lorraine received one big thumbs down, but in fairness the accountants decided not to subtract it from the original 3 votes it received.

Secondly: This weeks poll. As request by gex gex and grendel72, the eighth “B”, the Icelandic princess: Bjork. Please feel free to post songs from her band the Sugarcubes if you wish. This is a democracy, so once again, if you feel I’ve passed alphabetically passed over a band say so…if not, next week will feature the postponed Black Crowes (followed by my favorite band: Black Sabbath).
Weekly disclaimer: I’m not at all biased toward today’s contemporary artists, it’s just in most cases their smaller sized discography’s would make selecting 6 favorite tracks a rather difficult or daunting task.

On with the poll. Here are my 6 Bjork / Sugarcubes picks:

  1. You’ve Been Flirting Again
  2. Leash Called Love (Sugarcubes)
  3. Human Behavior
  4. Birthday (Sugarcubes)
  5. Army of Me
  6. Hit (Sugarcubes)

Thanking you all in advance

  1. Fucking in Rythm and Sorrow (Sugarcubes) “naked man, naked man come down…”
  2. The Next to Last Song quite simply the most haunting song ever.
  3. Planet (Sugarcubes) “the universe it is so big I feel dizzy when I think about it, but still I realise that long ago it was so small I could have kept it underneath my little skirt…”
  4. Venus as a Boy extremely sensual, that’s all there is to it.
  5. Birthday also very haunting.
  6. Pump “eat me, eat me love… leave nothing behind…”

I want to thank you 1st for voting and, more importantly, giving me a hard-on!

I’m more familiar with the Sugarcubes-- haven’t been keeping up, lately, but:

  1. Deus (Life’s too Good)-- By far my favorite. Just a swell song. He wasn’t white and fluffy, he just had side-burns.
    2)Walkabout (Stick around for Joy)-- makes me want to get drunk in the late morning or something.
    3)More to life than this (Debut)-- just a really funky song. I like the “going-outside” effect
  2. Traitor (Life’s. . .)-- what a great first song. gets your attention.
    5)Delicious Demon (Lifes. . .) – just odd. “To plough takes two as well, but only one to hold up the sky. One plays the harp, beats a rock with a stick!”
    6)Blue eyed pop (Lifes. . .)

I know there are some later Bjork things that I really like, but I haven’t collected tham and I don’t know what they are called. Out of the pop culture loop. There’s another album I have that I grabbed in Vienna but it’s sort of in Icelandic so I don’t know what the export equivilant is or what the songs are called-- in any case I’m not as fond of it. When it came out Life’s too Good was. . . paradigm-shifting for me.

  1. All the modern things (This song kind of sums up her. Superb and very Björkish lyrics, not to mention how good the song is)
  2. Play dead (PERFECT album closer. It’s a shame it didn’t make it onto all copies of Debut.)
  3. Jóga
  4. Human behaviour (Yeah, it’s overplayed, but it’s a freat song)
  5. Coldsweat (if only because I wanted at least one sugarcube song on it ;))

I just realised that I was supposed to say 6 songs. Heh.

Anyway, my 6th would be Crying, I guess.

And looking back at my earlier post, “freat” is supposed to be “great”.

  1. hyperballad
  2. jòga
  3. i’ve seen it all (w/- thom yorke)
  4. army of me
  5. hidden place
  6. possibly maybe

thanks JohnBckWLD for the bjork week, and all you dopers get your ass up and vote! last week’s thread is singlehandedly going to introduce me to the b52’s catalogue (beyond rock lobster and love shack) - i’d hate to think i’m going to miss out on anything else because the thread’s die from lack of interest!

dammit! i think i got the o thing in joga the wrong way round.

I’ve Seen it All - duet with Thom Yorke
Army of Me
Birthday - Sugarcubes
Coldsweat - Sugarcubes
Fucking In Rythym and Sorrow - Sugarcubes

Sugarcubes should get its own catagory!!!

JohnBckWLD, I guess those songs just left an impression…

Actually, I was the one who voted for Dirty Back Road last week which makes me realise how smutty some of my favorite songs are…

and let me second gex gex in saying “vote dammit people”

  1. “Possibly Maybe”. The music seems to emulate the satisfied hum that comes from a happy body.

  2. “Enjoy” Could there be an angrier, more true song about either a)convincing someone not to fall in love with you or b)convincing you not to fall in love with him or her?

  3. “Life’s too Good” (Sugarcubes) It’s just awesome, and I think really indicative of Bjork’s best to come.

  4. “Big Time Sensuality” Whenever Debut finally spins around to this one, I get sort of anxious, because I know that means it will be over soon.

  5. “Unravel”

  6. “It’s Oh So Quiet” Maybe not her most “Bjork-ish” of songs, but it sure makes me happy.

In all, in case it wasn’t obvious, Post is my favorite Bjork album, probably because I owned it first. I do think it’s very “together” sounding, though.

Bigger Sugarcubes fan than a Bjork fan.

Just to list up ones no one has mentioned:

  1. Motorcrash: “Then we disguised ourselves, took a taxi to her home. When her husband answered the door, she introduced herself. He said, ‘Where have you been all this time?!?’”

  2. Mother: “Can’t be safer, can’t be more secure, than with a breast in each palm, with a breast in each palm. That’s the way I was born, and that’s the way I want to die.”

  3. Speed is the Key: “Doubt kills. Speed is the key.”

I would just like to add that I don’t think Bjork was responsible for most of her Sugarcubes lyrics. Romantic and lovely as her own lyrics are, the poetry of the Sugarcubes’ lyrics is far superior in my opinion. However, her vocal interpretation was an absolute necessity…can you imagine if the guy vocalist was the only vocalist? Geh…

  1. Joga
  2. I’ve Seen It All
  3. Hit (Sugarcubes)
  4. Birthday (Sugarcubes)
  5. It’s Not Up To You
  6. Hunter