Top 6@6 Week #15: Your Blink 182 Faves & Results from the Black Sabbath & AC/DC Polls

Polling is closed. Thanks to the Dopers who responded.

1st: Honorable Mentions, Notes & Asides[ul][li]Newcomers to the 6 @ 6: 5-HT, da_pope, epeepunk, HenrySpencer, Jeremy’s Evil Twin (just before being banned), Leechbabe, Leechboy, minty green & saoirse. []HenrySpencer & Dragon Phoenix: Whose requested Alice Cooper poll will be in the C’s (right after Sam Cooke…if we make it that far)[]5-HT: A real stoner would’ve added Snowblind, Supernaut, Killing Yourself To Live, Hand of Doom or Trashed to their Sweet Leaf pick. []Minor Irritant: Yer beefin about turning 30 (which admittedly does suck) before we get to ZZ Top? Odds are I’ll be nearing 40 (which really sucks!)[]thermalribbon: You’re right on the money. [/ul][/li]
2nd: Venus Fly Trap
More “high search count” words secretly e-mailed to me by another anonymous moderator who’s privy to classified message board information: Contrecation, Clam Dive, Fence Painting, Irrumate, Mentulate, Philematology, Pygobombe, Pearl Necklace, Scarfing, Sitopilia, Spooge, T-back, Triple Play, Velvet Saddle[sub]Warning: Do Not highlight this cheap, tawdry search gimmick used by the pay sites[/sub]

3rd: Increase the Hit Count
The Voters, Past & Present List - For those who do vanity searches:
[ul][li]Voting In 9 Polls: astorian.[/li]
[li]Voting In 7 Polls: dead0man.[/li]
[li]Voting In 5 Polls: chief, grendel72 & WSLer.[/li]
[li]Voting In 4 Polls: 5 time champ, Labdad & RealityChuck. [/li]
[li]Voting In 3 Polls: Fish42, galt (2X Posthumously), Hugh Jass, K364, Minor Irritant, Mudshark, Narrad, scout1222, Skijumper & tourbot [/li]
[li]Voting In 2 Polls: Dragon Phoenix, Dryga_Yes, essvee, Fenris, gex gex, John Carter of Mars, Leifsmama, Living Dead Girl, Manduck, pepperlandgirl, thermalribbon,Wartime Consigliori.[/li]
[li]Voting In 1 Poll: 5-HT, Airbeck, andrew Dupont, andros, arachnidlove, ArchiveGuy, auntie em, bibliophile, bristlesage, bugg, cainxinth, capybara, Cherry_Blossom_, ChristmasEve, Chrome Spot, da_pope, dinahmoe, easy e, elfkin477, epeepunk, gallows fodder, gonzoron, hajario, Happy Lendervedder, hardygrrl, hazel-rah, HenrySpencer, HoldenCaulfield, horhay_achoa, Interrobang!?, Jeremy’s Evil Twin, jolemale, Jonathan Chance, Kyomara, lawoot, Leechbabe, Leechboy, LindyHopper, Lockz, LunaSea, matt_mcl, minty green, Mr. Green Fool, MsWhatsit, panamajack, plnnr, Reeder, saoirse, Sigmundex, stankow, Supernate, tavalla, ThePyroWeasel, Treviathan, Ukulele Ike, vinryk, waterj2, widdershins & -zorch.[/ul][/li]
4th: Past polls and Results:
(Results to follow from our concurrent week 14 ** Black Sabbath** & ** AC/DC** polls).
Now that’s it’s history, we can add it to the pile of: ** Black Crowes**, ** Bjork/Sugarcubes**,** B52’s**,** Chuck Berry**,** The Beastie Boys**,** Jeff Beck**,** The Band**,** The Beach Boys**,** The Beatles**,** The Animals**,** Tori Amos**,** The Allman Brothers** and** Aerosmith** polls.

5th: Week 14 Results Part 1:
Here are your Black Sabbath Selections:

 1ST PLACE 
Sabbath Bloody Sabbath & War Pigs: Tied 9Votes

 2ND PLACE 
Paranoid: With 8Votes

 3RD PLACE 
Iron Man: With 7Votes

 4TH PLACE 
Iron Man: With 6Votes

 5TH PLACE 
N.I.B. & Sweet Leaf: Tied 5Votes

 6TH PLACE 
Black Sabbath, Fairies Wear Boots Fairies-Jack The Stripper & Heaven and Hell: Tied 4Votes

 7TH PLACE 
Hand Of Doom: With 3Votes

 8TH PLACE 
Hole In The Sky, Into the Void, Killing Yourself to Live, Spiral Architect, Symptom of the Universe, Warning & Wheels Of Confusion-The Straightner: Tied 2Votes

 1 VOTE EACH 
A National Acrobat, After Forever, Children of the Grave, Die Young, Dirty Women, Electric Funeral, Eternal Idol, Falling Off the Edge of the World, Juniors Eyes, Megalomania, Nativity In Black, Neon Knights, Saint Vitus’ Dance, Snowblind, Tomorrows Dream, Trashed, Under The Sun-Everyday Comes And Goes & Zero the Hero.: 1 Vote Each…Here’s where you’ll find some great chestnuts.

6th: Week 14 Results Part 2:
Here are your concurrent AC/DC Selections:

 1ST PLACE 
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap: With 7Votes

 2ND PLACE 
Back In Black: With 5Votes

 3RD PLACE 
(You Shook Me)All Night Long, T N T, Thunderstruck & Whole Lotta Rosie: Tied 4Votes

 4TH PLACE 
For Those About To Rock (We Salute You), Hell’s Bells & Highway To Hell: Tied 3Votes

 5TH PLACE 
Bad Boy Boogie, Big Balls, Ride On, Rocker & Who Made Who: Tied 2Votes

 RUNNERS UP 
Ain’t No Fun Waiting Round to Be a Millionaire, Down Payment Blues, Girls Got Rhythm, Have a Drink on Me, I Put the Finger on You, Nick of Time, Rock and Roll Ain’t Noise Pollution, Shake a Leg. Shot Down in Flames, The Jack, Up to My Neck in You, & What’s Next to the Moon.: 1 Vote Each…Another great place to find some great chestnuts.

7th: Disclaminers & Announcements
This is a democracy, so once again; if you feel I’ve passed alphabetically passed over a band say so. I {try to} show no bias toward any group. If there are no requests, next week will feature: Blue Öyster Cult. No offense intended toward: Blind Faith, Blind Melon, Blondie, Blue Cheer, Blue Cheer et al.

8th: Week #15’s Poll
Without further ado, the brats from California, our 11th “B-Band” **Blink (182) {for you latecomers}:
Here are my 6 Blink 182 picks:

  1. Dumpweed
  2. Dammit
  3. All The Small Things
  4. Anthem Part 2
  5. Carousel
  6. What’s My Age Again

For the record: Adam’s Song is much too depressing to include

Thanking you all in advance. Have a great weekend.

This is no 4th Place this week: Ironman (listed twice as 3rd & 4th place) Came in 3rd place with 7 votes

*Originally posted by JohnBckWLD *
[li]Minor Irritant: Yer beefin about turning 30 (which admittedly does suck) before we get to ZZ Top? Odds are I’ll be nearing 40 (which really sucks!)[/li][/QUOTE]

Actually, I’m not planning to turn 30 for another 13 years or so. I was just commenting on how many bands we have to go through before we’re done. I just mentioned ZZ Top because they’ll probably be the last band on “the list”.

A poll or two ago I noticed you were cataloging the number of respondents. If I remember this was because of the low turnout for these polls. I have to say I love the concept, and check out the results almost every week. But I’d like to throw in my two cents as to why the turnout is so low.

Now I think I know music probably better than the average person. Maybe not as well as the average Doper, and like the rest of my knowledge its broader than it is deep. But of the 15 bands listed so far, I would have a hard time even naming six songs by 10 of them. How many hits has Tori Amos or Bjork had that a casual fan would have heard? ( I can think of one by each.) How many years has it been since the Allman Brothers had more than two songs in rotation on any station? If I’ve heard more than two songs by the Animals, then I didn’t know it was them (and I don’t much care for those two). And Jeff Beck? Oh, I know who he is, but in my entire life I don’t think I have ever heard a song played on the radio attributed to him.

And now this. This weeks poll takes the cake. Passing up Blondie for a band that, by all rights, should have been a one hit wonder. Hell, I could pick six songs at random from the Eat the Beat album, and they’d be better than any 6 songs by Blink182.

So anyway, my answer for this weeks poll:

  1. Dammit

not to nitpick:

in the ‘1 VOTE EACH’ column you list ‘nativity in black’ which is also known as N.I.B. this should then break the tie with NIB (now 6 votes) and sweet leaf (still 5), causing NIB to be 4th, and sweet leaf 5th. so you do have a forth place this week.

Hey, you want my votes? You got 'em pal.

  1. Dumpweed
  2. Aliens Exist
  3. Man Overboard
  4. Roller Coaster
  5. The Rock Show
  6. Carousel

Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou, to JohnBckWLD for including one of my favourite bands ever in the poll. I was going to suggest them for fear that they would be overlooked but i was afraid of retribution along the lines of tourbot’s post above. as such, i will now present my Blink picks, with extra thanks to JohnBckWLD:

1. Carousel

Such a great song. It used the Dammit chord progression, but with bass as the lead instrument instead of guitar and opened both of their ‘first albums’, ‘Cheshire Cat’ and ‘Buddha’. It introduces the consistent Blink theme of lost love, a cruel adult world and painful adolescence. This is the only ‘early Blink’ song I saw when at their 2000 show, and it’s status as a constant live favourite is testament to its brilliance.

2. Romeo and Rebecca

Another Buddha/Cheshire Cat pick, Romeo and Rebecca was a look forward. Blink weren’t just about fart jokes, this song showed, and the melody and dynamics were more reminiscent of their work on ‘Dude Ranch’, despite the poor quality. And when your down, just wait for Mark and Tom to tell you that ‘girls are a waste of time’, and everything will be so much brighter.

3. Lemmings

This always seemed seperate from the other songs on ‘Dude Ranch’ to me. Rather than explore a current adolescence such as other tracks did, Lemmings seemed to look back, with a nostalgia that was almost heartbreaking, despite the fact that they knew that the change was ‘for the best’.

4. Apple Shampoo

‘Dude Ranch’ was my first exposure to Blink, and cemented their status as one of my favourite bands. Dammit was released when I was 14, dammit! How could I not like them? Apple Shampoo was always one of my favourites off this album and still is. And while I loved their later stuff, the lyrics of songs like this always seem so much more real than things like Stay Together For The Kids or Give Me One Good Reason (Much as I do like those songs).

5. Going Away To College

Enema of the State is a monster. Its title is both dumb and brilliant. The songs are the poppiest of their career, even though I must admit that I enjoy All the Small Things very much (and did before anyone else, dammit!). But Going Away to College is the stand out on the album. It might be completely sappy, but I related to it, and hell, that’s worth a thousand guitar solos to me.

6. Story of A Lonely Guy

It’s terrible that I only have one song on this list from Take Off Your Pants. I like the album and all, but, this is how it turned out. This could easily have been Online Songs, Reckless Abandon, or Anthem Part II, but track #5 one the place at the last minute, and I’ll stick with the decision.

Again, I’m going down to the sappy route, but this songs, while not very punk, or even punk-pop, is very well written, and I feel, deserves its place in the list.

I can’t believe I forgot Supernaut:smack: . The 1000 homo DJs version of that is one of my all time favs(the original is pretty cool too. :slight_smile: ). As for this week, hmmmm… I don’t think I know 5 Blink 182 songs.

For the record:

  1. I’ll concur, the less popular the artist = the less likely votes will be placed. However, popularity is a very relative term. I for one, refuse to allow radio stations to determine what’s good and what isn’t. Fact is, 8 message board members posted their favorites in 25% of more of the polls.
  2. The main reason why the poll is run is for educational purposes. I can’t even count how many of those 1 and 2 vote track selections by other members I went back and had a “re-listen to.” I highly recommend listening to other peoples faves; you might discover some great songs you may have missed (either because you or radio PD’s) label them as filler.
    .Jeff Beck is (used to be considered?) one of the greatest guitarists that ever lived. He released several very successful (critically & commercially) albums. To omit his works, in my opinion, would be a sin. Please listen to Goin’ Down once and you’ll see what I mean.
  3. We haven’t yet alphabetically “passed up” Blondie. The reason why I list future passed-bys is to see if it warrants a poll. If anyone wants a Blondie Poll, just say so. As far as Blondie being more “popular” than the “one hit wonder band” known as Blink I guess that too is relative. For proof, I’ll quote gex gex (:
    "Thank you for including one of my favourite (he spells like a brit) bands ever in the poll. I was going to suggest them for fear that they would be overlooked but i was afraid of retribution"

I had no idea what to do with that selection.
I was pretty sure the only “Nativity in Black” was the tribute album, but I didn’t have time to research it nor did I ask WSLer (who made the selection) for clarification.
The I assumed, Nativity in Black was something off one of the late Iommi albums (i e Forbidden or Rock Mountains).
That being said, I always ran on the assumption N.I.B stood for “Now I Believe” not “Nativity in Black”.
So unless WSLer says otherwise, da_pope’s clarification stands:
3rd Place: Ironman = 7 Votes
4th Place: N.I.B. = 6 votes
5th Place: Sweet Leaf = 5 Votes

  1. A New Hope
  2. Dammit
  3. Rock Show
  4. What’s my age again?
  5. Happy Holidays, you bastard
  6. stay together for the kids.
  1. Adam’s Song
  2. Dammit
  3. Stay Together for the Kids
  4. Story of a Lonely Guy
  5. Rock Show
  6. First Date
  1. Dammit
  2. Adam’s Song
  3. Josie
  4. What’s My Age Again?
  5. I’m Sorry
  6. Untitled

Like tourbot, I haven’t voted more because for the majority of the bands so far I couldn’t name you six songs, never mind six I really liked; which is ironic since other people seem to think my knowledge of music is much better than average.