Top Chef 4/12 or "There's no crying in cooking!" Unmarked spoilers

Okay, I’m muy disappointed in Miguel and his attitude. First of all, to dump an unlabeled white crystal into the sorbet without checking out what it is? So stupid. And really, sugar and salt don’t look that much alike if you look closely. And then his whole “You’re just afraid of me as competition” theme, when Tiffani has won several challenges and he has won none. I let his stealing the idea for bread pudding slide in the convenience store challenge, but trying to horn in on another chef’s dish because he screwed up his own just to be able to get some extra points was bad. And boo to Andrea for letting him do it. I still don’t think she should’ve gotten the ax, though - that should’ve been Miguel or Dave. I’m sorry Dave, but you’re a living example of “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.” Stephen was his usual insufferable self - I can’t believe the other chefs let him take over and become Master of Ceremony of the dinner. I liked the twist - Tom is right when he said that they should be able to roll with the punches. My sister said she thought part of the challenge should been for each chef to pick out the wine to go with their course. They might not all be sommaliers, but if they’re competant, they should be able to chose an appropriate wine.

I think that they chefs have it easy compared to the Project Runway competitors. My guess is that the final four will be (from weakest to strongest) Harold, Stephen, LeeAnn and Tiffani.


I think Andrea was the right one to send home. Ted nailed it when he told her that healthy menus are great for everyday cooking; but for this competition she need to pull out the stops and impress. She’s just not been impressive.

Tiffini lost some of my respect by backing down to Miguel. When he blustered and fumed about her saying he should have gone home, she souldn’t have weaseled and tried to do a Clintonesque dodge to get out of it. He blew this task and his performance last week was terrible, too. If she thought he should go home, she should have stood up to him.

You’re right about Dave not being mentally tough enough. What a way to be a simpering stereotype, Dave. I’m disgusted and sad because I wanted to like you. You seem nice and all but dammit man stand up for yourself, exercise some creativity and quit crying!

I can’t wait to see Stephen finally crash. He is all style over substance. He’s won, when he has, on presentation alone and has not won a taste based challenge yet. Nor will he. He is in love with the Avant Garde movement but presentation alone isn’t enough.

Lea Anne, in my opinion, is the front runner. She stays composed. She doesn’t get involved in the drama as much as the others and she seems highly competent and creative.

Harold sucked up to Stephen so hard this episode I’m expecting them to announce their engagement soon. Harold is such a whiner about being forced out of his box that I’m becoming hostile towards him. If you want to be a Chef, with an upper-case C, learn to roll with the punches and master more than just the entree course. Otherwise you’re a cook, not a Chef.

Sssssss. :smiley:

I was talking to my sister and said I’d love to find out about Stephen’s background. Nothing would please me more than to find out he’s trailer trash raised on Cheetos until he was 17. I’m thinking he’ll bring an automatic weapon to the kitchen when he finally gets cut. In the end, thae final employment market, who’s ever going to want to work with a weasel like that? He may’ve shot his career in the food by televising his attitude.


I think Homebrew summed up my thoughts pretty well. Except I have even more disappointment in Miguel, maybe.

He screwed up the sorbet and basically said he quit. Threw in the towel. Everybody coddled him and got him to actually plate something. He was busy “helping” Andrea to the point of her only contribution to the dish being the pancake. And then Andera gets blasted for “only” doing the pancake. She tried to drop the hint that all she could take credit for was the pancake, eyeing Miguel. Sure the dish sucked, but Miguel really had a hand in botching 2 dishes.

Then he had the nerve to tell the judges that he didn’t just pack up and quit, he stuck it out and made the best of it. Yeah, with about 5 people holding his wittle hand, while he screwed Andrea up. Then was pissed because the top competitors told, honestly, that he had a meltdown.

I liked Miguel at first, now I’d almost root for Stephen.

Root for Stephen over Miguel, not overall… :smack:

I loved that they asked Stephen if he would do the dessert course since he had immunity, right in front of Tom. How could he say no?

Anyone else getting tired of the KC Masterpiece and Kenmore product placement?

I’m glad Andrea is gone. Ted was right when he said people want food that tastes good when they go out to eat. Deep fry those puppies.

Did I hear right that Stephen served a different wine for each course? They had to be toasted by the dessert.

They need a Tim Gunn to offer suggestions and moral support.

I believe Harold and Tiffini have the most mojo at this point, Tiffini will win.

It’ll probably come down to Leanne and Tiffini. They are what they want.

I don’t think it’s that unusual to serve a different wine for each course. Each food would have a wine which would complement it, and served to a table full of people they wouldn’t get particularly drunk. Especially since a meal like that takes a long time to eat, so they would metabolize it as they went.


It even could have been cocaine!

To be fair, the cold pancake was the main problem with the dish. They seemed like the rest of it.

They’re weren’t especially impressed with the other stuff either because all it took was scooping a blob of caviar out of a can. The latke was the only place where creativity was possible so her failure there was especially bad.

I just discovered this series last week with the pushcart eppy and have busily been catching up on the earlier episodes thanks to tivo.

I couldn’t stay in the same room, much less kitchen, with Stephen for more than a few minutes. Can’t wait to see him go down in flames. The appetizer dish he created to win immunity this week - I hope I never have the misfortune of ordering at a restaurant. Has he created anything worth eating yet?

I think also Leeanne and Tiffani are the cream of the crop.

Once again, Homebrew says what I was thinking. I remember one of the judges commenting (on the entire dish) that it was just commercial grade or institutional or something. I got the impression that they had seen the same thing in a hotel buffet or similar. That the latke (thanks, Homebrew, couldn’t recall the name) was cold and bleh was just a lowlight of the dish, but the entire dish wasn’t up to par in their eyes. Sure, Andrea was in charge of the dish, but it was obvious that Miguel was horning in pretty hard after he gave up on his dish. For her to get the boot over this dish, in light of the amount of input from Miguel, was a bitter pill to swallow.

She could (and should) have told Miguel to frig off and get out of her way, but she didn’t and so deserves the result. Makes me wonder if Miguel gave her a little payback for the pushcart (even though that was his doing as well).

The char shui sopas that he and Lee Anne made looked really good, though he probably only deserves partial credit for those.

I think LeeAnne was able to keep his feet somewhat on the ground for that one.