Top Chef 6/11- open spoilers

Wow, my feelings are just the opposite. The best chef is the one who can cook the best food under ordinary restaurant conditions, not the one who can do the best job catering a wedding in 24 hours, or whatever.

If you wanted to find the best sprinter in the world, would you have them run on a track? Or make them run barefoot through a swamp just to add an unrealistic level of adversity?

Yes, there’s a reunion episode next week, according to this blog from the bravo website.

Restauraunt conditions are one thing. Knowing you have X time to make Y dishes for Z people, with y and Z being small isn’t restauraunt conditions.

Best sprinter is to best athlete as best hamburger cooker is top chef.

And when I’m looking for best athlete or top chef an over practiced format is not the best example for me, I want to see their real chops in adversity, then I’ll crown em.

But… It was BACON ice cream!

Yeah! Everyone seemed to like his bacon ice cream. Proof that bacon makes everything better!

From Ted Allen’s blog:

I would’ve been perfectly happy to see either Richard or Stephanie win, but would’ve also felt equally bad to see the other lose. :slight_smile: :frowning: Just so long as Lisa didn’t!!!

For that matter, Tom is starting to get a little frustrated with people second-guessing the decisions. He’s said repeatedly that the only time producers interfered was when he wanted to kick everyone off who was involved with the Marcel head-shaving incident. To say producers chose the winner this time…or any time…is, as you say, calling Tom and the others liars, and seriously, it should be retracted.

There is disclaimer in the credits of the show that says the producers have the right to weigh in on decisions. My speculation was not really that I thought the show would be outright fixed, but that, given a close call (and I thought Richard and Stephanie were virtually even going into he last challenge), that the judges would be encouraged to go with the woman as a tie breaker. The producers at least have reseved the right to do that, whether they’ve exercised it or not, and I don’t think it’s far fetched that they would offer a nudge in the event of a very close call.

Having said that, I also that i thought Stephanie ended up winning on the merits in the last chalenge anyway, so it’s a moot point.

I also have a feeling that the meal Richard felt he’d “choked” on probably would have still tasted fantastic to the rest of us. “Failure” is a highly relative term at that level.

The judges said it was a great meal all around. I think Richard’s food was still good and edible, it just didn’t blow them away. My take on it was that the same food probably could have won earlier challenges it just wasn’t good enough to win the whole thing.

I remembered something else I wanted to comment on. Even while being complimented by the judges Lisa put on the bitch face and the closed off stance. I don’t think she even thanked them when she was complimented.

I think that we all have to remember that reality shows live for drama. Even though Stephanie and Richard won the most elimination challenges, who knows what really goes on behind the scenes?
I mean this as a poke at the editing, not chef Tom. He went almost insane when he got feedback saying that the show is rigged…read his blog.

Can you imagine how a chef could lose credibility faster than fudging the results of a cooking competition?

Chef Tom’s blog is up and he has this to say about Lisa and about editing:

And this:

There’s lots of good opinions in his blog about women as chefs, brilliance as oppposed to dedicated good cooking, etc.


I thought Stephanie nailed the win with that dish with the pistachios and olives that sounded so weird, but was apparently scrumptious. That was innovative and daring. Her soup/asparagus dish looked lovely, and sounded pretty tasty, too.

The dessert course was almost beside the point, as these aren’t pastry chefs. I thought that was a lame idea on the part of the producers, or whoever comes up with the challenges for the show.

Richard blew it with that pork belly. So unlike him, and his disappointment in that dish was obvious. I loved his honesty and his graciousness, and I still think he’s a fine chef. I’d like to see him and Stephanie go into business together, and I would so be on the waiting list for their restaurant!

I was surprised that Lisa made at least one dish that looked and sounded pretty good, the one with the prawns. Why she still acted so bitter and hateful is beyond me.

I assumed that was for stuff like the incident on the Next Food Network Star episode where some soldier claimed he’d graduated (or attended) culinary school and that he’d been stationed in a combat zone, and it came out late in the show that neither was true. In that case the producers might make an executive decision to boot a finalist.

If they were really only going by the “last supper” then Lisa won. The only dish which she didn’t beat Stephanie was the kobe beef. The guest judges of course would not know of Lisa’s history and were probably lobbying for her to win. But Tom and crew had to know that giving Lisa the win would have really pissed off everybody. You only have to look at the polls to see how unpopular Lisa was. I tell you, just listening to the kudos on her dishes had me almost expecting her to win.

Seems like Richard’s comment about Lisa from last week’s lead in to the finale kind of bit him in the ass. What did he say? “Great! You won the bronze.”

It seemed pretty clear that Richard won the Bronze in the Finale.

Yeah, but he didn’t whine that no one congratulated him for it.

That’s only because it wasn’t in a field of four emerging chefs. Three media sweethearts and a “villain”, Richard and Stephanie’s hate for lisa was palpable. Hell, he won a car… no reason to show spoirtsmanship and grace. Poor Poor Richard.

devilsknew Did you even watch the season? She deserved that comment and more.

Richard was a class act all through the season, I’m not sure what show you were watching.

In my book, nobody deserves that kind of vilification, hate, or ostracism.