Top Chef 6/11- open spoilers

Oh, Lisa did.

I figured that Richard was getting the loser edit. Not only that, his sous chef made the comment, “I don’t think he knows what he’s doing.” Foreshadowing?

I guess I’m not a foodie, because the concept of bacon ice cream makes me retch. What the hell?

Stephanie always seemed to perform consistently at the top of the order among the contestants. Richard, on the other hand, was amazing when he was on point, but when he was off… not so much. He also telegraphed a lack of confidence throughout - when Tom asked him how things were going, as well as when he was at JT. It was sort of refreshing to hear a contestant admit that they hadn’t performed at their best, though. I do think that Richard’s future is pretty bright after the show, even if he didn’t win.

I have to wonder if Lisa has ever seen herself on camera. Her bitchface makes her look 200 percent worse - I’m convinced she has no idea how sour her face looks when she’s being critiqued. That being said she seemed to put together a very good meal for the final… but I still think that Dale or Antonia should have been their in her place.

Oh well. On to the Food Network ripoff show… anyone watching that?

Are you as ugly as this sounds? Because it’s a damn shame you don’t know how ugly you look. Do you see your bitchface in the mirror, or are you physically blessed?

… I mean if you really want to get down to it, in the cult of personality mode, purely superficial, and sixth level bullshit. The only reason Richard and Lisa placed last is because they weren’t pretty enough.

The beautiful won.

Serously, if you were to do a feature and facial analysis of the 4 reigning Top Chefs, I’ll bet they all come in as “classically beautiful” in proportion and general hotness factor to females and males, respectively.
No room for the ugly on TV.

I’m sorry, Hippy Hollow. Genuinely.
That was uncalled for. I just got caught up in this greater point I’m trying to make. I didn’t mean it personally.

Please excuse me. I’ve always looked for your posts, and I read them entusiastically. You always interest me.

I really don’t think that ** Hippy Hollow** had any malicious intent. Seems like a nice guy/girl? I think that is a good thing when I can’t tell.

Hell, I got a theory that Jesus Christ just wasn’t handsome or pretty enough in Pontius Pilate’s eyes. That’s why he got crucified.

It looked to me like Hippy Hollow was only talking about her facial expressions, not her physical attractiveness, per se. Saying somebody has a “sour” expression is not the same as calling them ugly.

I call it my Fugly Jesus Theory.

fair enough

Yep. She has this horrible expression on her face when she’s being critiqued. On the occasions she’s not sneering or looking that way, she looks pretty average to me.

Not sure how it was construed otherwise, but water under the bridge and all that.

Even if Lisa is a good chef nobody wants to work with her. She may be talented but you have to have people working with you. I think I would die listening to her to me the proper way to peal a potato.

She seemed to work well with her assigned chef from the spotted pig. Probably the best Chemistry amongst all the Chef pairings.

I didn’t see this posted so hopefully I’m not repeating anyone: this week’s AV Club via The Onion has an interview with Stephanie. She’s still looking for a restaurant space in Chicago, and the second page has a comment about how people were represented in the edit on the show vs. her perceptions of them while filming:

I wouldn’t describe anything about the other chefs’ attitude towards Lisa as “vilification, hate, or ostracism”. (Maybe Dale or Andrew, but even Andrew did his best to help her win when he was her sous chef.) They generally didn’t like her and didn’t like having to work alongside her because she was very negative and constantly complaining. If you’ve had to listen to someone complain for weeks, that seems like a reasonable way to feel.

Now, the way that some message board posters have reacted to Lisa could reasonably be described as “vilification”, etc. But you were talking about Richard’s comments. Saying “You won the bronze medal” was merely making the point that her whining about not being “congratulated” was unreasonable. In the whole season, I don’t recall anyone ever congratulating anyone for surviving an elimination. They congratulated the winners of the challenges, and that’s it. And yet suddenly Lisa is put out about it.

Even if Lisa got the villain edit she still had to have said all that stuff that we saw her say, she still stood there at judges table with the crossed arms and sneers, she was still in the bottom group multiple times. Even though she managed to make some good dishes that does not mean she deserved to be in the finale.

I am sure you could have brought back Nimma, Eric, Valerie, Manuel, Zoi , Ryan, Mark or any of the other later eliminated chefs (especially Dale) and have had them cook a really good meal in their own genre. They are all experienced chefs and they should be able to cook good meals that they are used to cooking. The things that got them sent home were the offbeat challenges that were things they would not have experienced in a restaurant situation.

Lisa managed to stay in the game by consistently being second worse when Richard and Stephanie were consistently in the top (except for only a couple trips to the bottom group). I stand by my feelings that Lisa did not deserve to be in the finale. I also think their judging system sucks.

Also, to whomever it was that said they pick for looks and that’s why Stephanie won. Seriously, have you seen the other winners? The only one you could say is really attractive is Ilan in a geeky sort of way. Harold isn’t bad-looking but Tiffany was probably prettier when she wasn’t being bitchy. And Hung? I think that he completely blows your theory. I believe the people in the finals with him were much more attractive.
I hope they do some of those mid-season one shot challenges and bring back Dale. I’d like to see the dream team of Dale, Richard and Stephanie go up against any of the top 3 from previous seasons.

By the way, those saying that Lisa got a lot of compliments and probably should have won need to read LeeAnn’s blog. She said that Stephanie’s 1st and 3rd dishes were what cinched it. Lisa’s 2nd dish was her best but the others not so much, even though her 1st dish got some compliments it wasn’t better than Steph’s. She doesn’t comment much on which were better of the desserts but she makes it sound like they were really a non-entity and didn’t figure into the decision that much. Even though they may have liked Lisa’s dessert better it seems it wasn’t necessarily good enough to make them want to eat it again over Steph’s 1st and 3rd courses.

So can we please stop tainting Stephanie’s deserved win with “she only won because; Richard choked, she’s a woman, she’s cute, everybody hates Lisa, etc.” She won because she deserved it.

Or take into account other circumstances. Tom says the judges judge each week independently, so let’s say Lisa is slightly better than Steph last night and under the rules, they must give the title of Not The Worst Chef to Lisa. The Producers can step in and say they prefer Steph based on the whole season and give the judges and out. Not to say that that is how it happened, but just an example.

I didn’t see anything really special about Lisa’s menu. A standard coconut soup BUT an added dumpling. Shrimp with chili sauce (hell I make that on a regular basis) and then recycling that same sauce but a little sweeter for beef?
Blaze went too far and Stephanie hit it perfectly of going slightly outside your comfort zone.

Yeah, it seemed to me that it was the 3rd course (her lamb w/ pistachios and olives) that really gave her the edge. All the judges seemed blown away by how much they liked it.

I am very happy Stephanie won. I think she has established herself very well over the course of the season. I cant think of any dishes where she totally bombed. No more miscues than the others.

Richard would have been fine as well, I think he has the better technical skills, but lets that get away from him when he needs to tone it down and let the food speak up, not the technique.

In regards to Lisa, I think what really killed any chance she may have had was not cooking the Kobe beef correctly as Tom pointed out. And why would you even choose that for your protein if you dont know how to cook it properly? I think that as much as anything showed why she should not have been in the top three.

And if Antonia gets sent home for not cooking beans right, no way should Lisa win either. And as much as it hurts me to say it, I do think that last week’s decision was right. Antonia had the worst food that night, and I think she knew long before the judges table. Rewatching the episode before the finale, you can see a couple shots of her and Nikki standing around, watching the lines at the other tables.