Top Chef (9/23) [SPOILERS]

Or Deconstruction Junction, what’s your Malfunction?

Needless to say, the show has become a little too predictable, since the eventual Final 4 (3 of whom were in the top 4 last night) are all but predetermined. Pumping up some false drama by having one of them absolutely sure that she blew it did little to ratchet up the tension.

It was pretty funny that Robin got immunity, but she’s going to have to pull a streak of them if she wants to stick around. The big question now is in what order will the talented middle group (Eli, Mike, Ashley) meet their doom? I would venture to speculate one could be a dark horse, but our Final 4 (you know who they are) are so consistent and cool under pressure that I think a royal flameout is very unlikely.

However, it also means that, since all 4 of them are about in equal standing, it makes the final winner a genuine toss-up.

And as for Ron: I’m sure he’s good at what he does, but he never seemed to have a clue as to what this show was about. And I suspect the two that were in the bottom 3 with him will be the next two to go as well.

I wound up getting a Top Chef crash course last night - we sat there and watched four or five of them. And I don’t really know thing one about cooking, but the two brothers, Kevin, and Jennifer did stand out. And it was pretty funny to see everyone dump on Robin’s ability and then have her win the next challenge immediately.

If anything’s going to hook me on this show it was a sequence from the previous week, with Michael “not believing” in cooking for his audience, and Ash admitting “I don’t really believe in voodoo…”

I concur, and add this meaningless comment to be sure I know what others have to say.

I loved Robin getting the win after everybody was scoffing at her.

So as usual, I am not able to see the ending of the episode so I try and watch it online and for some reason Bravo only has the Thunderbirds episode from 2 weeks ago available. It’s also almost impossible to easily find the episodes on the website. Hulu only has the same episode available. It’s getting to put a real damper on my “Oh well, I can catch it online” theory when I miss episodes. It seems only the big networks have a reliable watch online setup.

Anyone else noticed that Robin made a point of asking for a scarf, and then being the only one not wearing it?

She wore it in a pocket on her sleeve.

Marley, this year is unusual because there are four (possibly five) stand-outs who should obviously be the top four. Usually, it’s nowhere near so clear. Other seasons, there are always three or four clearly at the bottom, but not so clear a top group. Meanwhile, this season, they’ve got a load of really mediocre cooks that they’re still getting rid of. I was surprised the Frenchie left last week, he seemed way better than some of them as are still left.

His shrimp gave that rancher the runs, though. If that’s not enough to get you thrown off a cooking show, nothing is. It’s one thing if your food sucks, but if you make somebody ill, you really have to lose. And he screwed up the episode before, and then lied about his role in preparing the dish, although I don’t think the judges knew about that part.

Ron turned out to be an interesting character. Only an episode or two before that I said I had not even noticed him aside from the credit sequence. My girlfriend liked him but she agreed he wasn’t hanging in there with the others.

Eli seems to be upping his cooking slightly, while upping his doucheyness significantly this episode.
Poor Ron, seems like a nice guy, and has some cooking as a vocation down, but really doesn’t know crap as a chef. His ‘Florentine’ he described was Benedict. He did get a crappy dish to deconstruct though honestly. The burned crispy rice bit on Paella comes from the procedure of cooking paella. They really wanted him to pull everything apart, but somehow miraculously end up with that part intact? If he hadn’t screwed it up so bad and had made a decent deconstructed version, he probably would have been jobbed unfairly anyway.

I noticed that Kevin wasn’t wearing one either, but he might have had trouble getting it to fit.

Ron could have done a tempura/fritter thing using rice flour in a saffron dipping sauce.

Since paella is a bunch of separate elements that happen to be cooked together, ain’t it already deconstructed? :slight_smile:

Argh, that reminded me of how insufferable Toby was with the “Pah-eL-ah” pronunciation.

Doesn’t everyone pronounce it “Pie A uh” (sorry if it’s not the correct way to write something phonetically…)

And Michelle Bernstein smacking him down for it too.

I’ve got no problem with Toby pronouncing it in the British fashion. I thought Bernstein’s smack-down was funny but a bit harsh.

What were the red scarfs about? I missed that.

They were a tribute to Mattin. I’m not sure what exactly he did to merit the tribute, because he had to go and he punked out on Ashley, but that’s what the gesture was about.

I love that Mattin left a stack of red scarves behind. He seriously must own thousands. What a freak. I kept waiting for him to put on one of those boyscout neckerchief holders.

Yeah, that’s how the British say paella. If it were just one person’s idiosyncrasy, then I’d correct it, but if it’s an entire nation… forget it. I mean, are you going to correct everyone who says pasta bolognese without the terminal e (which Jennifer did)?

I don’t mind one bit that that’s how Toby pronounced it. But his priggish insistence that “Pah-ai-ya” was wrong for non-Spaniards is what set me off.

Yeah, I couldnt tell who was being the bigger prick…the british dude or the “latino” woman when it came to the correct way to pronounce it. I think most of the prickishness actually got edited out.

It’s a Basque thing. Red scarfs are part of the national costume. Here’s a picture of people in traditional Basque clothing.