Top current-day rock acts?

Inspiring thread, tho I’ve been thinking about posting said topic since the start of the week.]

Who are the top rock (interpret said term very loosely-may include metal of any sort, alternative, Europop or -rock, or whatever) artists of the present moment? I almost never listen to the radio anymore unless I catch snippets in a business I frequent or something; otherwise I can’t think of a single act (formed this decade-likes of U2 or even Green Day doesn’t count) whose sales, airplay, concert receipts, and/or critical status puts them at or near the top of the heap. Has the rock world fragmented so badly that nobody can lay claim to said title, with a 1,000 acts all competing for a steadily declining share of the pie?

I understand that Dave Matthews Band has some of the highest numbers ever, when it comes to concert tours.

DMB was not formed this decade. In CD sales, two of the top acts formed this decade are Daughtry and Linkin Park.

Going by the Billboard top 200 lists, taking just rock/pop rock bands that predominantly hit it big in this decade, I would go with:

The All-American Rejects
Avril Lavign
Fall Out Boy
Jack Johnson
John Mayer
Jonas Brothers
Kelly Carlson
The Killers
Linkin Park
Maroon 5
The Strokes
The White Stripes

The question is which of these acts will be the next U2 or Green Day 20 years from now?

Dave Mathews does not “rock”.