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Any long-time Top Gear (UK) fan knows there are often lots of songs snippets used as incidental/background music during the challenges and reviews, some songs well known and some songs not as much.
For example, the current Burma special features, among other songs, snippets from “Fortunate Son”, “I’m Waiting For the Man”, “Great Gig In the Sky” (gets a name-check from Jezza), music from the Fistful Of Dollars trilogy, and one oldie cover that I never hear before, but I think is rather cool - Shankar covering “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” (heard during the 3-way drag race on the highway in the new capitol).
How did I learn the artist of the last one; I figured someone on the web might have gathered together all the songs used into one site/blog/forum…and they did:

Final Gear board - Forum: TG What’s That Song?

The songs are groups and identified by Series/Episode/Timecode, and it looks as if generic fill music is represented by playable embedded sound snippets. Info seems accurate enough from the two episodes I checked (Series 21/1 - Old Hatchbacks), and the aforementioned Burma Part I episode, but I guarantee nothing with that forum.