Top Secret German Memo Reveals Euro to Be Abandoned!

A top secret memo from the head of the German central Bank reveals that Germany will repudiate the euro, and revert to the Mark, by January 2016. all euro-denominated debts will be changes to Marks, with a fixed exchange rate. The chaos the ensues will be a chance for German banks to buy up European stocks cheap, and make Germany the dominant economic power in Europe.
What would currency traders do?
The Greek debt will disappear-and all other obligations wiped out.
Would this be the solution?

Germany is already the dominant economic power in Europe and you forgot your link.

The OP reads like clickbait without the ability to actually click.

Little do those suckers realize we’ll already be on the Amero by then.

Oh, we still have the ability to click, and doing so provides about as much useful information as if there was an actual link.

The OP is his own cite. Just trust him on this.

Is he a C I A insider?

If so, I hope he has one weird trick to tell us about.

I blame the Schnapps conspiracy.

Germany is the dominant power in the Eurozone, not in Europe. The UK economy is almost the same size (now, Germany having taken a half-trillion-dollar haircut) and is disproportionately influential because so much international finance flows through the UK.

After reading it a couple of times, I think he just forgot to say, “what if?”

Actually, I can’t tell if the OP is presenting this scenario as something (s)he heard about that was supposed to be true, or as a hypothetical.

Wouldn’t that require him to be a C I A mom, posessed of the miraculous ability to be local to all of us simultaneously? (I have long suspected her of being the Virgin Mary, but apparently the blue veil is in the wash)

Warren Buffett says all European countries will abandon the Euro soon. Obama agrees, and urges everyone to refinance their home mortgages right away.

And invest in gold.

S’just what he dreamt last night.
It’s easy to scoff, but instead of sneering, maybe people should be rearranging their investments on ralph124c’s inner vision.

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I think “” would be a dead giveaway.