Top Tips For Surviving Terrorist Attacks!

This thread on another MB is making everyone in our office cry with laughter. Some real funny guys on this site :

That is just so fun :slight_smile: !

What?!? Who let OTHER message boards be cynical, intellectual, and amusing? That’s OUR job!

But Athena, posting all those graphics as ASCII art is kinda hard :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s some pretty funny stuff. I like the “Use your flashlight to lift walls off of you” the best.

You may also be interested in look at, which has done some of these as well.

Hah! We have crushed their puny hamsters with our own mighty ones. So many Dopers are trying to access the thread that the server isn’t responding. We shall be victorious!

I’ve learned to say “I am a Canadian, eh?” in Arabic.

Nothing funny here, but if it’s true, many of the nervous among us may have less to worry about than we may think.