Topic Ban is Unfair and Unjustified

I broke no rules. The only thing I’m guilty of is being unpopular with a subset of posters who strategically misrepresent posts. This is what I mean when I say people need to be worried about weaponized language. Regardless of the facts, an accusation can be very damaging.

Engineering_comp_geek claims there is going to be a discussion where I may or may not be banned from the rest of the SDMB. Is it based on rules I broke? Warnings I never received to ignore? Or is it based on unpopularity and a false narrative?

Topic banned. Not banned.

Still doesn’t change the fact that the ban is resulting from responses to what I posted and not what I posted. What others post is out of my control. You’re too invested in this now to reverse. You got an angry mob. I get that. But it’s unfair.

“Arguing with the weather only makes you wetter”

Oh for gawd’s sake, can you go whinge somewhere else please? Maybe there’s another board that might be more sympathetic.

Just sayin’. :smiley:


Just sayin? Sure. I post on topic. People lie about my posts and I get topic banned. How about you all move onto your next target? You know the effective tactic to get people dancing. The effective counter tactic is to just shut up. Which is a virtual topic ban is it not?

Can a sister get a link?


Have fun with it in snarkville. Should be good for at least 1/2 a page. Maybe in 5 years you can use it for some retrosnark.

People don’t lie about your posts: Your posts are there for everyone to see, in all their objective/cringeworthy glory.

Your post is not factual. I can’t even link my posts and explain what the responses to them are. It’s a bit of a disadvantage. But why do you care? Your tactics worked. Go snark.

I think you are glorifying your importance a bit there mate.

Five years? :smiley:

Topic Bans are fucking stupid but that’s just like my opinion man.

Dunno what YOUR definition of factual is, but being able to see your actual posts in actual format meets my definition. How does your’s differ?

What oddly specific in-group speak…

Is it a secret people lurk on other boards?:eek::eek::eek:

Linking my arguments on the forbidden topic is most likely not a good idea. Therefore, there’s no way I can show you. It would offend one of your group and 20 of you would write distortions about then it claim it was a fact and then complain to the mods. There is no way I can defend myself against these dishonest claims. So why worry about it?

Why continue baiting? Why not indulge yourself with a few personal insults then go snark?

Not at all. It’s just hypocritical to continually be passive-aggressively trying to start a board war over it (and I say this as someone who used to complain about Giraffe until I actually understood how the symbiosis works and benefits both boards if you’re an active lurker there as well).

You need more wood for that cross you’re building for yourself?