Topics that are difficult to Google

I am looking for examples of topics that are difficult, if not impossible to Google because a casual search would likely yield undesired results. Here are my two examples:
[li]Events that occurred on September 11 before 2001.[/li][li]Hilton hotels in Paris.[/li][/ul]

That’s all I can think of for now. Please add to my list.

"hilton hotel" paris No problem.

A little tougher to search for September 11 without bringing up September 11, 2001, but this search is pretty much anything but that particular date on the first page of results:
"september 11" date history -attack -attacks -terror -terrorist -kill



Try a search for the band “The The” sometime.

Not sure if this is the sort of thing you were looking for, but I wish I could Google songs that I want to identify.

There are snippets of songs in my head, and I could hum them to you for you to possibly identify them. I wish there were a way to use Google for that.

You can google a line of lyrics, within quotes, with a reasonable chance of sucess.

No dice - it’s an instrumental. :smack:

Ya mean there are other songs like the second half of Free Bird ???

You can try, but I haven’t had much success with it.

Trying to get a “second mortgage form” was hell, especially with the pop-ups. I finally had to google “legal forms” and sort them out. Took a half day.

Have you tried It claims to identify songs from the rhythmic patterns made by tapping on the space bar. My attempt to tap in Happy Birthday produced this choices:

Happy Birthday To You
Annie’s Song John Denver
In The End Linkin Park
Every Breathe You Take The Police
Axel F Beverly Hills Cop
Touch My Todger Smegsmear
The Star Spangled Banner Key / Smith
Mississippi State University Fight Song
Clitty Pie Hairy Clams
In Bloom Nirvana.

Ever tried to find a page talking about the history of slavery in America? That’s probably how 90% of people with bondage fetishes got them.

Naturally, I just tried this, and got page after page of respectable historical info :smack

Still, even just a few years ago this search term would produce tons of links to porn sites.

[QUOTE=Papermache Prince]
Have you tried

I don’t know, dude… it did a swell job with identifying Beethoven’s Fifth, but then I tried the Toreador song from “Carmen”, and the choices it gave me were “O Canada”, “Shit Is Bananas” and “Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off”.

I must totally suck at song tapping. Tried it with Free Bird, The Ballad of Curtis Loew, and Bobby McGee. Never came close…:frowning:

To get back to the theme of the OP, I’ve tried to get sexy college girls who are not willing to talk to me, but never find a helpful link on google. Makes me feel good until I meet a college girl in person.

Sgt Schwartz

I own the domain

I was looking for a picture of a baby chick to make a logo with.
chick -dick
was where I started. I ended up having a very, very long search query. Now-a-days you young whippersnappers have google images and safe search and stuff. Back in my day…

Back in the days before Google, I tried to find (on Yahoo search if I remember correctly) some “chainsaw parts”. Most of the hits I got had URLs that suggested some type of S&M site. My usually reliable curiosity failed me at the time and I did not click on any of the links to discover the connection. This was also back in the days of slow dail-up, so I tended not to waste much bandwidth on idle exploration.

One a slightly related note, I once searched for information on some event at Dallas Market Hall. The search results included a link with an obscure URL that, with one click, displayed a page a photos of explicit gay porn. That’s the only time I’ve ever seen the thing that internet-phobic folks worry about: being exposed to porn by accident.

Usually, I’m looking for it on purpose.

I had a new puppy who was very nervous. I Googled “submissive urination” to try to get some pointers on how to help him. Apparently, those two words have a meaning of which I was not aware. :eek:

I always get very nervous when I’m researching a topic like pedophilia or child porn, imagining that some FBI agent is watching search terms and thinks I’m some sort of pervert.

My research on how adolescent females from Russia manage to survive the high summer temperatures has been agonizingly difficult.

In law school I scrapped a planned paper on NAMBLA for just this reason.

Moving away from porn and into realms more esoteric, it used to be quite difficult to find web pages about TORG, my favorite role-playing game, because of the profusion of Sluggy Freelance links (Torg being the name of the main character). Indeed, you couldn’t even use the - operator (Torg -sluggy) because after a little while, all the TORG pages started putting up disambiguation notes clarifying that “this website is unrelated to the webcomic Sluggy Freelance.”

It’s gotten better now; there’s a resurgeance of material on the RPG in anticipation of a potential new release, and the comic, I’m told, has gone downhill. I wouldn’t know; I stopped reading in the vampire arc.