Topless Professor of Univ. of OK-70s; What was her name?

In the 70s, there was a professor at OU that was making some point (I know) and for some curious reason, took her top off in the classroom. (IIRC, she had a pretty sad bod, but for the 70s, in a college classroom, for free, it was hot stuff.)I believe that she got national attention over it.
I hear that she had a quite lurid death later, and that’s what I’m trying to find out about.
I tried googling, but keep getting bogged down and don’t know how to search this any further.
can anybody help?

Well it’s not a naked teacher [URL=]but it’s the naked college student

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It’s a long shot, but could you be thinking of Wendy Berlowitz? She auctioned off her top at a popular campus corner in Norman one day, circa 1971, in protest of women not being allowed to walk around without their shirts as men did, and she resolved to repeat this action in all fifty states, and she made Playboy among other national news outlets (but probably not the Oklahoma City Times). But she was not a professor (I’m not even sure if she was a student, at that point). She and her husband were moderately famous for being a bit wacko and for standing on that same famous corner protesting various things with signs…later they went to San Francisco where, apparently, their strangeness was not quite so apparent.

Oddly enough, when I googled her name I got nnothing. When I tried different spellings of “Berlowitz” I got, “Did you mean Wendy Berlowitz” but then I still got nothing.

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Hilarity N. Suze, that is it!
thank you very much!
I hope that everybody else enjoys looking at the male genitalia, which I believe that I shall pass over.

It WAS Wendy Berlowitz, and the year was 1973. She WAS a former graduate school instructor. She auctioned off the top of her “purple velvet swimming suit” on the street corner. She got $10 for doing it. That was the high bid. She went to jail.

Jail? Who cares?

Was she stacked?

You’re bringing back memories of my freshman year in college at the University of Oklahoma, which is where she taught. I don’t remember her name exactly, either, but “Berlowitz” caused my antennae to twang, so it must be something like that. I’m almost positive she was just an instructor. Our school paper was full of the controversy when she removed her top in class; I can’t even remember the context. I just thought, “Man, college is going to be great!”

She and her husband were also famous for tanning themselves in lawn chairs on Campus Corner, a busy intersection of shops and restaurants.

A few years later I read a filler in the paper where she and her husband were murdered in Mexico (“butchered” was how the paper described it), probably by a roving gang.

Not even close.
think ‘training bra.’
Even at the beavis and butthead stage I was in at the time, I remember thinking “I’m glad I didn’t waste the time to drive the 20 miles to see those.”

Did she look mannish?

The news article described her as “37-25-36.” I can’t vouch for that. I read another article which agreed with you, they weren’t much to look at. Maybe Wendy supplied the infor for the measurements.

I posted that this morning in a hurry, as I was off to work. Here’s a distillation of many news articles on the lady.

She was a graduate English instructor. In May of 1972 she was teaching a freshman class on poetry. At some point she took off her top and announced that “every one should have the right to take their clothes off.” She did and was fired. Another teacher(male) did the same the next week and was not only fired but admitted to a hospital for observation. Wendy was nude for 30 minutes in the class. She asked the class if anyone would object if she took off her top, no one objected, and it happened. She supposedly told the class she had invited a reporter from the Oklahoma Journal to join the class. He/she supposedly did. I’m looking for details of her death.

She was not really in bad shape–just not busty. (And she was very, very tan.)

I believe that I inspired her action, or at least started her thinking in that direction, because I proposed to a small group that included her that, as soon as the Okla. legislature got its act together and passed the equal rights amendment (which we all naively thought was imminent and inevitable), we budding feminists should just casually unbutton our shirts on beautiful days, like the guys did. This was sometime in Feb. or March when the weather was warm, and we were sitting around a sidewalk cafe kind of place and watching the guys walk by, with their shirts either unbuttoned or completely off, and I, for one, was jealous.

The idea–my idea, at least–was to perform this action very subtly, as if we were entitled to do it…and if the ERA had passed, who could tell us we weren’t? The general consensus at the table was that this was a good idea and our main concern was if the dudes in the legislature would get the thing passed before cold weather, but we figured they had the whole spring and summer.

So it turns out I was wrong about everything. The ERA did not pass, because it would cause people to have to use unisex bathrooms and pave the way for gays to get married. (sigh). And possibly because then women would feel it was acceptable to strip to the waist in public.

I must add that other than not being particularly subtle about it Wendy was a good subject because she was not overly endowed (although in answer to Carnac’s question, no–she did not look particularly mannish). I have seen men with bigger breasts. I saw men with bigger breasts that very day.

About this death in Mexico, I had heard that before and I was skeptical. Partly because Wendy and Jim had a master plan which involved doing what they wanted, traveling, and funding it all by running up as much credit as they could, then assuming other identities–so that sounded like just the kind of story they would concoct, to cover their eventual disappearance. And partly because they were sort of legendary.