Toronto Dopers, I'm going to be one of the family (or, Niggle gets a new job)

Well, I got an offer I couldn’t refuse in Toronto so it looks like I’m leaving beautiful Vancouver behind for a couple years. It will be rough I’m sure but I’m really looking forward to exploring a new city. That’s where all of you guys come in. :slight_smile:

I’m looking at places around the waterfront - mosly in the Spadina Avenue area south of Queen Street West. Anyone know some good stuff to check out while I get my bearings in the city?

I’ll be starting work on the 16th of September so I’ll try to get there a week in advance. Maybe you can all show me your favourite restaurants!

Whew. It’s been a frantic couple weeks. Glad it’s almost over.

One week until I resign from my current position. I’m a little nervous. It’ll be fun.


In what general area is your new job? Would help to know that.

Welcome to Toronto, Niggle!

We TronnaDopers are coordinating to issue you your new Toronto Survival Kit (to handle heat, cold, muggers, power blackouts, West Nile disease, SARS, crazed freeway drivers, and Mel Lastman). We’ll let you know more as soon as we figure out what size of batteries to put in the combination flashlight/taser/radio.

Isn’t TronnaDope still on for September?

Three of my favourite restaurants for simple, good, cheap eats: Peach Garden (Vietnamese) on the south side of Carlton east of Yonge; Izba (Polish) on the north side of The Queensway west of Parklawn (just past the top of the hill); Pasta Perfection (pasta, so I guess that makes it vaguely Italian) on the west side of Yonge just north of College.

I’ll add Sangam (Indian) at the southwest corner of Bay and College, but it’s a little more expensive.

RickJay: I create computer graphics for feature films. The office is down on Willington near Spadina. I’m looking at apartments in the same area (don’t want to have to buy a car) and will probably end up in one of the towers down by the waterfront.
Thanks Sunspace. I’m going to have a horrible time with the cold weather - I do not do well in any temperature below about 10C. Poor me.

Welcome to So. Ont., Niggle.
I’m not a Torontonian, so I can’t help out so well. But I’m just across the lake in Hamilton, if you need a friendly face there!

Pfft, cold weather. Toronto doesn’t get that many really cold days. Given that you’re going to be living AND working downtown, you’ll be fine.

The best sushi in town is at Toku Gawa on Dundas, but it’s a bit far west of you. For a restaurant to bring a bunch of friends and family to for a whoop-up time, try the Lone Star Cafe right downtown. Don’t bother ordering off the menu; just eat chips and salsa all night. The top-secret salsa recipe is fabulous.

I’d get into the stuff you can DO, but it’s a big city, there’s more to do in a week than you can shake a stick at. Don’t go to the Royal Ontario Museum right now, though, it’s under renovations and many exhibits aren’t out.

The transport system in Toronto is good when there is electricity. You won’t need a car. When is the Tronnadope agin?

TronnaDope’s in September. We didn’t want to interfere with Doperéal’s august glory, so we scheduled it the following month. :slight_smile:

Did y’all ever decide between the 13th and 20th?

A good question. I am scheduling a holiday in, ironically, Montréal, so I want to schedule around TronnaDope.

A good question. I am scheduling a holiday in, ironically, Montréal, so I want to schedule around TronnaDope.

Hmm. That was weird. I pressed Submit the first time, but my browser never refreshed…

ooh! ooh! ooh! Choose the 20th!

RickJay: I’ll travel a long way for good sushi, let me tell you. Oh the bliss.

How is the rollerblading in TO? I spend a lot of time bombing around the sea wall here. Should I bother shipping my bike over?

What kind of winter clothing will I need? In vancouver I’m just fine with lined leather jacket, thin leather gloves and a touque (if it’s really “cold”).

I’m sure I’ll have more questions soon. :slight_smile:


I would think those clothes should do you through winter, but get warmer footwear and a scarf.

Bring your bike and your blades.