Total lunar eclipse tonight. I hope we get a clear sky

It was beautiful and clear from Lincoln City, Oregon on the coast, with a profusion of stars and rather a few shooting stars as well. It was rather cold at 2:00 AM, however.

Could see it thru the clouds from W of Chi around 4 a.m. when my wife woke me. Was only about 1/3 obscured. Went back to bed.
Wife said it was getting pretty low in the sky and hence kinda tough to see at totality.
Side note, didn’t realize how many cars drove down my street at 4 a.m. until I was standing in front of my house in my boxers.

My kid e-mailed from college that she got a couple of her friends to go out and watch it. Further proof that we raised her right! (At least I hope she wasn’t still up at that time on a Tuesday a.m.!)

I got up early this morning at about 5:30 Central time.

I was scanning the western sky and thought I must be disoriented until I realized that the faint thing was the moon. I knew intellectually that during an eclipse, it’s dark, but I didn’t really make the connection.

I looked for about 20 minutes then went back to bed for more sleep before my first class. It was neat to see, but I don’t think I’ll get up at that time for one again.

The initial cloud cleared in Sydney and we had a great view of the whole eclipse. Very impressive.

Yes, it was fantastic. For us it was fairly low in the eastern sky, which means over the ocean and so from my vantage in Sydney’s eastern suburbs much reduced city-glow to get in the way. We had an uninterrupted view for the entire eclipse, we ended up eating our dinner out on the balcony to watch.

It seemed to me it wasn’t a completely centred eclipse, is that right? The top of the moon was always lighter than the sides and the bottom darkest of all, which I took to mean that the centre of the earth’s shadow did not coincide with the centre of the moon’s face, would that be right?

Where I was, it was a little lighter on the bottom.