Total lunar eclipse tonight. I hope we get a clear sky

I just had a look. Ummmmm… yes, it is nice.

Rain’s stopped again, and the eclipse looks gorgeous. One thing I love about lunar eclipses – the umbra lends the moon a more “real” look. It’s suddenly not just a white disk in the night sky – but a real object, high above, in three dimensions. Beautiful. :cool:

Yeah, that sounds right, but what R U talking about wind chill factor, this is actually sleeping weather here.

Well, the eclipse was total a few minutes ago- nicely deep red. 6 am EDT, 67oF here- a clear lovely night to sit outside the past two hours listening to CoastToCoastAM & the news on my crank-radio.

This close to spring, here, we feel that as chill. Personally, I reckon that temp reading (off one of the news sites here, updated half an hour ago) was optimistic. It isn’t as cold as it can be here, but it’s nippy.

The woolley hat is helping. :slight_smile:

Hoping to see your pic of the full eclipse. You got a good shot there!

Good Shot, Waiting for next good shot.

I can’t believe the difference between here and there, it is almost Fall here, and this temp feels good after the hot summer, but I’m sure it is still chilly there for spring. What is the coldest temps in the winter there?

I got reasonable ones of the partial eclipse, but my tripod was not steady enough for the exposures I needed for the moon in total eclipse.

Here are all the pictures that I loaded to Flickr, together with a few other pictures of some relevance to the Moon. (One of the items pictured has actually been there and back).


69 F and no clouds at all, beautiful! I’ve taken some pics, and video, but they aren’t nearly as good as your pictures Giles. My mom called from work to make sure I was awake, (yes, woke at 3:40 to make sure the coffee was going, and the phone was passed from person to person with them telling me how nuts I am for waking for it.) Husband at work, calling him to make sure he saw good phases.
I even got lucky and saw a ‘shooting star’ at around 6AM about one and a half handspans north of the moon!

Oh, and for some ‘real time’ photos I found a great site, just click on the tacks for a full size picture.

Some of the regional NZ temps here. Auckland, being in the north of our North Island, doesn’t get as severe winters as they can in the South Island. It’s not really wintry outside – I’ve been on the doorstep standing in bare feet, for example, tonight. The feet are fine – but my head felt cold. :slight_smile:

13 degrees celsius is sleeping temperature during our summers here. But with the combination of a wind blowing around from the sou’west, it’s still feeling a mite parky.

Photos from the NZ Herald.

My home office window faces due east; I’ve watched up until now by simply turning around and looking out the window. It has been a great show.

Dern it all anyway: my office window faces due WEST: WEST: towards the left coast. I hate this senility trip I’m on.

I don’t care what the weatherman says, it’s fraggin cold outside with the wind, but the cloud cleared up enough to get some great views from my balcony around 10 pm: a lovely deep rusty colour. The rain seems to have set in again though, and the north-westerly’s kicking up. That may be it for me tonight.

Overcast in Tokyo :frowning:

Mainy clear skies here, excellent viewing conditions for the total terrestrial eclipse. At about 6:00 this morning, the disc of the Earth started to cross the face of the moon, and now it is totally obscured. I understand that this interesting phenomenon only occurs about once every 24 hours. What’s more, in about another eight hours, the Earth will start to block out the sun, with “totality” occuring at about 9:00pm.

Not a great view from inner city Melbourne. It was small and cloudy and thoroughly disappointing. I’d made bratwurst and cocktails to celebrate too. The moon is a jerk.

We went out into the rice fields to look at it tonight. We got there just about 15 minutes before total eclipse, and already the moon was a very dim circle that was bloody orange. Brilliant! I am going out again in a few minutes to see if I can see what it looks like now the eclipse is over. Really fascinating, it was.

I have just been out and what a difference! The moon is now brilliantly white, and the top right hand side is still under shadow! I had no idea how very shadowed the moon was when we were watching it at the total point. (It was still light up here when it started happening.)