Totally agree with Jon "Bones" Jones..

UFC 151 is being cancelled because Dan “Hendo” Henderson got injured… Dana “God or Jehovah” White decided to call up Chael Sonnen who just lost to Anderson Silva and get him to sub in for Hendo… Jones declined stating that all his preparation had been for Hendo…

So… Dana is pissed… at JONES lol… Sonnen and Hendo are nothing alike in fighters… Trying to adapt to face a serious tough opponent like Sonnen at that last minute is utterly ridiculous. If one states… well Sonnen has to get ready for Jones… here’s the crux… Chael has absolutely nothing to lose… Jones has everything to…

So Jones will be rematching against Lyoto Machida… who gave him a really good battle before going down on elbows from Jones… The fans who are sick of Bones are right now on Sherdog calling him any number of effiminate names. While I’ve backed Dana in the past … a stronger hand might have saved boxing… in this case he’s being a complete asshole. Hoping Bones takes The dragon out again… and then Dana is forced to have to deal with it…

For sure there is a huge difference in fighting styles between hendo and sonnen. I haven’t watched as much mma lately but watching Jones during his rise, he was very much more of a striker then a wrestler. Someone like Hendo, who can wrestle but prefers striking is a much better matchup then Sonnen whose ground game can be stifling. If Jones hasn’t been working on takedown defense or fighting from his back during this camp he could have had a really hard time. I see no upside in taking this fight for Jones. Dana is a bit of a douche most of the time. He expects complete loyalty from his fighters. He gets petulant when they go against his wishes, and acts like a child publically saying things that shouldnt be said.

…and Machida has turned down the fight with Jones at UFC 152 so (as of now) it’ll be Vitor Belfort going from 185lbs to 205lbs to face Bones.

I’m surprised that they cancelled the whole event because the headlining fight was off the card - all the publicity, other fights, travel plans and whatnot for everyone involved, etc. They’ve certainly had events get big last-minute changes in the past without canning the whole thing.

Not sure how to feel about the situation. My immediate gut reaction is: What a huuuuuge … um … “effeminate name” as the OP put it.

I feel like the UFC, or at least my perception of it as a fan, is in this constant dilemma over whether it wants to be a legit sport or just a spectacle. It comes up a lot in the analysis of their matchmaking process. “Will fighter X vs Y sell well?” is as much a consideration as “Who is ranked next for a title shot?”. How one answers that question influences how one might judge Jones for this. From a Sport perspective, I see where he’s coming from. From a Spectacle perspective, he is a huge let down. I am of both minds. Jones is apparently more in the Sport camp.

From a Business perspective … what a fucking meltdown. The loss must be in the high tens of millions. And then consider the fans’ money on top of the UFCs. I can’t blame Dana for pitching a fit, or for throwing it all on Jones like he has. I think a lot of fighters (who might lean more toward Spectacle (or Paycheck!)) would have taken the changed opponent. Especially one who is coming up a weight class, and off a loss under two months ago. And who could resist a chance to punch Chael Sonnen in the face? That guy needs a beatdown on a monthly basis IMO.

Regardless of the wisdom of it … I think Jones has proven himself a complete chump between the DUI and this. He could have done a lot to improve his rep, even with a loss, by taking the fight. But instead just historically nose-dived it. I’ll even have to root for Chael now, should they ever fight.

Belfort eh? I guess 205 really is that empty. Apart from all the people Jones has already breezed through… Chael would have been a good match up, but I’d still bet on Jones.

Trade styles with three days of real preparation before it’s time to cut weight and do press?

In a sport where you can get knocked out, hurt, or have your life changed for the negative in a matter of seconds? And then perhaps never work again?

Just to sell tickets for Dana White?

Suuuuure, it’s Jones that’s the asshole here.