Totoro's SDMB Dream (Feat. OldScratch, Rasa, And Purplebear)

Last night, I dreamt that there was a thread started about Rasa and Scratchie coming to Boston. They said they needed a place to stay, and for some odd odd reason, Purplebear said they could live at my house. Without asking me.

So I stumble across the thread, and discover that Rasa and Scratchie have already accepted, and are on their way as I am reading it. So, I have to ask my mom if they can stay. For some reason, she accepts without argument…

Rasa and Scratch arrive while I’m at school, and when I get back, my mom says they’ve gone to the mall. There aren’t that many malls you can just walk to where I live, but I just like run across the street and there it is.

The mall is huge, but all it contains is escalators, and a few stores that inaccessible by conventional manner. So I’m running up and down the stairs, looking for Ras and Scratch. I turn around suddenly, and they’re standing right behind me. They look exactly like they’re people pages pics, except scratch has a brown haired afro. I look quizzicly, and say “scratch?” and they say, “Oh. Hey totoro.” This is when I chose to wake up and ponder what the dream meant…

I very rarely remember dreams this clearly, but I did, and now I wonder about it. Any insights?

Hmm. Could mean… you’re a freak?

Kidding. Well, I hope I was just dreamy. :wink:

[sub]I kinda wish I was in Boston…I miss home.[/sub]

Man, Toto!
You’ve been here not much longer than I have and you have made a 400+ post dent and now the posters are in your dreams. Lay off a bit, socialize, buy a turtle, name him pete, get a girl pregnant, join a ham radio class, shear the wool off the local sheep, smoke a J, let the dogs out, watch a Mr. T marathon.

Now why would I do that?

I LOVE it here!