Touch your nose?

This seems to be a new Doper catch phrase. Can someone bring me up to date? I can’t find it’s origin. Thank you in advance.

oh, well, if you didn’t get the news letter from the secret society, then I can’t tell you.


I’ve said too much already.

::looks at Kricket, touches his nose and winks::

Aww, fond memories. My partner in grime (read: we were archaeology majors together and bestest friends) and that was one of our cute little in joke thingies.

And the pinky shake. But if I tell you about that, I’d have to kill you. :wink:

Its a great heart warming type of thing… um… its korean.

Unless Rasa is serious: Thanks a lot, guys. [Rilch goes to corner to sulk, taking her Peeps along for comfort]

Are you serious, Rasa? If so, I still don’t get it!

yes, very heartwarming and moving. It is compelling how truthfull you feel.

Oh, come on, people…Just tell me!

{Rilch approaches altar, kneels and spreads out offering of Peeps]

you had me untill the Peeps part…
touches he nose honest, no sarcasm.

Must not give in to peeps!

Hi, **Rilchiam **! I think this comes from ME (of all people) and Astrogirl (Nee: Astrofiancee)…

I am a big, fat whitey from the states; and she is Korean… both of us are pranksters to a high degree!

We discovered, early on in our relationship, that we needed some way to tell when the other person was serious (given the cultural differences, we initially had a hard time with who was joking when…)

Astrogirl(Nee: Astrofiancee)… found a solution: if you touch your nose, you cannot be fibbing…

Thereby leading to the humiliating vision of me, touching my nose while discussing various topics with you-know-who all over Seoul! [sup]part of me wishes that we had never reached this agreement, but there it is![/sup]

touching my nose

So: “touch your nose” and various incarnations of that phrase mean “be serious! You cannot lie now!”

[sup]Astroboy is humiliated… but what else is new?[/sup]

'Night all!:smiley:

Oh come on Astro. You know its adorable. Thats why people adopted it… hehe

Oh, is that all! Thank you, Astro; thank you. Accept these Peeps as a small token of my gratitude.

Peeps! I love Peeps!