I'm Back


I love my Boo Boo. I love how when I touch his nose he goes “meep”. And sometimes “boop” or “beep”. He is sooooooo cute.


Hi tigress , go off and ask/answer a question , find out about the board , tell us your opinion on something , have a great debate or a good rant .

Of course you could just stay in MPSIMS and wreck that man of yours head . :wink:

Whatever you do , enjoy . :slight_smile:

And you’re back with a vengeance I see. Have you emailed the admins to straighten out the two username thing?

Now then, I want to clarify:

You, not I, go “meep” when you touch my nose. I go “boop” when I touch yours, or occasionally “beep”

Now some rules before we have another misunderstanding.

Don’t take anything said on the boards too much to heart. Most of it is just playing around. If you see a smiley from me after anything I say (such as :wink: :slight_smile: :frowning: or even :wally: then you know I’m just playing. If I’m really mad about something you say, there won’t be any cute little faces. And more than likely, I’ll call you instead of posting it here.

Don’t make a habit of saying you’re leaving and then don’t leave. That tends to bug people.

If you dish it out, be prepared to take it.

This is to have fun and we tease a lot. Take any teasing with a grain of salt and don’t let it bother you.

Any questions?

Ps. mmmmmmmmmmmmppWWAAAHHHHHHH to you too, cutie.

Baby, Boo Boo, Why don’t you post little things about me? I don’t mind.


This is frightening. I am glad I don’t have a boyfriend that does stuff like that. It’s so goofy, and I dunno, but I’m not that odd to do that with anyone. Sure, I beep my friends noses occasionally, but it’s only out of boredom and a way to release tension, etc.

I’m biding my time.

Besides, I don’t have anyhting on you really. You call me Boo Boo which has now spread over the board. I call you Tiger, which you’ve used as your name. The whole beeping the nose thing doesn’t seem as silly to me if you do it as opposed to me doing it. You’re a cute, sweet girl so it’s ok for you to do thise silly cute things. I’m an ex-military intelligence, ex-baseball playing, 27 year old guy, so that sort of thing seems goofy when I do it.

Of course, there’s the whole deal with you and your “pull my finger” game. . .

Gad. Now I’m gonna have to go kick a puppy, just to get myself balanced again.

And it’s your fault!

Mmmmmmmm…kicked puppies…mmmmmmmmmmm


aackkkk…gag…Am I the only one to find this disgusting? I just lost my lunch all over my keyboard. Thanks a whole freakin lot! And just for the record I date someone who is also on this board and we have never acted like this. And I hope to god we never do for the sake of everyone else on this board. If so I will voluntarily have myself lobotomized the rest of the way since I’m obviously half way there if I’m doing that (or I will just have someone break my fingers so I cant do it anymore.) And please everyone don’t hesitate to call me on this.

You got it, Pookie Buns.

Boo boosaid:
Any questions?

Um yeah, other than hungry and angry…oh nevermind!!

Ahh isn’t that cute…Excuse me while I fwow up!!!

She did that to try to embarass me in the same way as calling me Boo Boo did, she likes to tease me like that, so I just smooched back instead of letting it get to me.

ssskuggiii - you’ve admitted to doing it, so what’s the difference? It’s not like we spend hours just beeping each others’ noses. It’s just something we do every now and then cuz it’s goofy.

Sealemon88 - have fun kicking the puppies, that was funny, I know we can be sickeningly sweet to each other at times.

Shanin - showing affection is disgusting? It’s not like we’ve flooded the board with this crap, it was one instance, let’s put it in perspective, ok Pookie Buns? Excuse us for not being uptight about expressing emotion and making you feel uncomfortable.

Gazoo - what was your question again?

Hey Bratman its like you yourself said :wink:

Sealemon said:

You are so sweet snookie wookums. :smiley:


Bleach. No wonder the boards are running slow today!

You people are giving it cavities!

Now stop this sillyness at once, you hear me, Sugar Lumps Honey Dumpling Snookie Wookie Pookie Bluekie Patooki–I mean, Shanin! :mad:

I’ll take “Things That Induce Retching Noises” for 500, Pookie – I mean Alex.

Works for me.

Always room here for a bit of that, I’d say.

Good lord…where’s the Chief. I need sexual innuendo to get this out of my system.

woohoo! This is great. I almost lost my lunch over the keyboard.

I just hope that you don’t mind me calling either of you my “little snoogilyboogily smuckins” or something of that sort.

:: Backing away :: Hey, keep away from my nose!

:slight_smile: :slight_smile:


I got yer innuendo right here baby :wink: