I'm Back

Somebody get these two their own forum!

I’d like to ask the moderators to close this thread just on general principles. I mean, really. I don’t have dental insurance, and it’s just wrong to be recklessly causing cavities like this. Gotta go brush my teeth now.

I would just like to add myvomit to the pile. I mean GAG!!

I am sure you are both wonderful people and I think it is great you have this wonderful relationship. But isn’t this really between you two and not the whole board?

As long as they share the poloroids(sp) and home videos, im ok with it.

all I have to say is that, some of you are sweet and some of you are ass wipes.

To the sweets: mmmmppWAAHH


After you hang around here for a while. most of us turn out to be asswipes. Sweet asswipes, but asswipes none the less.
I think your going to be a fun and interesting addition to the board.

Nosis huh?
I’m such a cutiewookie snugglemuffin snookerdooker lovumbunnie I just have to pinch my own ass and hug my genitals!!! I love me shnuglwuf!! I luv me back snickerdoodle!!

Wait a second. We tease y’all, and we’re asswipes? Gotcha.

Easy, tiger, you gotta admit the way the post sounds, to people that don’t get the inside joke, it deserves some teasing.

[taunting]Tiger’s off her medication,
Tiger’s off her medication… [/taunting]

Boo Boo’s Tirgress,

Not to be rude, but if you post something on a message board, you can expect others to see it, and if we see it, we ** will ** comment on it if, and how we want to.

You have to take the teasing along with the answers you like, that’s how it is. You gotta learn to go with the flow.

Now pardon me, but I need some insulin, this much sweetness is bad for diabetics ! :stuck_out_tongue:

Dammit Chief!!!

I said if you showed up, I wanted innuendo!

wanders off, grumbling

I got your innuendo swinging, Birdy Lady!
And if you don’t like it, I’ll take you over my knee…


Tigress it is obvious you don’t understand a lot about how the board works yet. I admit I am still learning myself, but the most basic point you need to understand is that this is a public message board and NO threads are considered private. If you start a thread thinking you and Boo Boo er BratMan are the only ones who will post there you are wrong and if you don’t want to be offended you need to understand this. Frankly if it wasn’t for BratMan being one rightously entertaining poster, I would not be so kind in my posting as you seem to be slow in learning how this place works.

Chiefy Baby…

That a threat or a promise?

Try to take it easy on her, ok everyone? I called her up and asked her to calm down a little here and tried to explain somewhat about how the board works. I also suggested next time she has such a violent outburst about what people are saying that she might want to condsider a trip to the Pit so she can rant and get it out of her system there.

Oh, and *Wanderer “. . . and Boo Boo er BratMan . . .”
In response I would just like to call you a great enormous flatulant fart-sniffing buffalo-felching dink. :wink: You know, I’m seriously considering changing my name whether or not the other thread gets 150 posts just cuz that’s what everyone is calling me anyway. Of course, if I do that, I’m following the crowd instead of being my own man and I pride myself in individuality (which is why I won’t call myself BooBoo Bratsheep). But by doing it I will be responding to the will of the people and it is still kinda funny. I’m so confused!

BooBoo, your sweetie has posted in the pit, you might to check the thread out, and maybe advise her a bit.

Here is the link.



Thanks, Ayesha. I’m going to suggest she lurk some more, get the feel of the place before she does any more posting. Starting threads like that, I don’t even know how to defend her.

don’t defend her. she will learn. you have always said such great things about her that I am sure she will come around.

(yes you do owe me for saying you say nice things about her)