Mini-rant to my Best Friend...too mild for the Pit. Just right for MPSIMS.

I am not mad or anything, and I love you Best Friend, so I can’t put this in the pit. But would you please please please quit picking your nose in front of me. Please. If you are in your office and I happen to walk by, no biggie. I’ll look away and carry on about my business. But when you come into my office and start nose mining, it’s hard for me to carry on a conversation with you. When we are in the car I can see you out of my peripheral vision. Other drivers get weirded out by me staring at them. I’m just trying not to look at you. Or maybe they can see you scooping out your nostrils behind me. It’s gotten worse lately. It used to be a subtle little “scratch” every now and then. Now it’s full on knuckle hiding. Is it because you are a guy? I don’t know ANY women that would do this. I know we hang out alot, and you are comfortable around me. But please. Stop.

I want to tell you to quit it, but you’ll get mad at me like the time as asked you to stop leaving my office looking like a tornado came through it every time you use it. I have to clean up my office every single morning I come in after you. I don’t get it. You are a neat freak at home and a freaking slob at work. Why can’t you put my shit back where you got it from? And the next time I have to come and hunt something down that should be where I left it, I’m going to come uncorked.

But this mini-rant is about you mining for gold in front of me all the damn time.



Love you.

One of my friends does this too. It is extremely gross-- he never uses a tissue and sometimes licks his finger after. Makes me want to vomit. I have never said anything to him about it, mostly because there are no words. Really. All I can say to you, Hockey Monkey, is… I feel your pain.

In a similar vein–

Dear TikkiDad–

I love you dearly but please don’t dig out your earwax in front of me. The other day you were excavating and I could tell it was the soft kind of earwax by the slurping sound it made. Then you flicked little bits of it onto your carpet where they’ll meld forever with the fibers therein. It’s bad enough that I have have to put up you not covering your mouth during your bouts of coughing caused by chronic COPD. (“What? It’s not contageous.”) Now I have to put up with this.


Ew. Ew. Ew. I’m completely and totally grossed out. . . almost beyond words. :eek:

There should be a caution sign on this thread or something.

Now how to get those images out of my mind. :frowning:

Where in the world did these people get the idea that picking their nose or excavating their ears is a public behavior? Weren’t they taught somewhere that there are things you do in private?

I’m sorry Hockey Monkey if your bff would get mad at you for saying something. You’re only saving him the embarrassment of doing it in front of others. Could it be that he really doesn’t know that he’s doing it? Could you be cowardly and leave him an anonymous note?

Tikki, I can totally relate to the lovely, phlemy COPD cough. I’d recognize it a mile away. You have my sympathy with the ear wax thing though. Maybe if you see him mining for ear nuggets, you could silently hand him a Q-tip?

Hand him a tissue, or a really small backhoe.

For the Ear-Mining Dad - yeah, hand him a Q-tip. Or, again, a really small backhoe.

You are doing them no favors by not telling them that they are grossing you out - if they don’t care, they won’t change. If they do care, they’ll want to know. Either way, people who behave grossly should be told.

Why yes, I am a damned busybody,
A Priori Tea

There is a doctor here who will look you in the eye, chat about a case, and mine for nose gold all at the same time. I thought maybe it’s something that’s not a big deal in his country of origin, but dude! Even if that’s true, you’ve been here long enough to know better.

Of course, my ex-husband was born and raised in this country and still can’t keep his fingers out of the booger cave.

Oh dear Og… That’s just GROSS!

I always thought that anyone with a habit of public nosepicking would’ve been shamed right out of it by grade school. That’s the kind of thing that earns you a beating in the schoolyard and the nickname of “Booger”.