Touchdown Jesus, HAR!

Notre Dame football has now lost 8 straight bowl games. Still, Notre Dame fans show sanctimonious misguided in-group intellectual inbreeding that is based on the scientific and logical foundation of the “luck of the Irish.” Wake up and smell the sweat of your fellow fans clinging to the bandwagon of denial. This may come as a shock, but if there was son of god walking the earth he certainly wouldn’t be frequenting tailgate parties, cheering beer bongs, or praying for a tackle in the backfield.

Notre Dame football is a money making venture, and if you are a fan, you fuel the capitalistic bonfire (wow, sounds a lot like another corporation you may have heard of). I love it when you lose, and I love it when you lose after having hopes of winning, because yours is the only college athletic team that is tied to a silly fantasy that means nothing to me but means so much to others, you arrogant self-important self-rightous elitist fans.

It is ok, though, because you can still watch Rudy in the off season!

On the other hand, one’s belief in a higher power must be at least marginally strengthened by the fact that the Yankees haven’t won a World Series in this millenium.

And isn’t it ironic that this thread generates advertisements for Notre Dame merchandise?


I’m always hearing these idiots go on and on about “the luck of the Irish.” Yeah, you know how lucky they are? I got two words for you:

Touchdown Famine!


Meh. I give your rant a 5 out of 10. You break even on coherency, get points for imagery and vocabulary, but lose them for rampant overgeneralization. Do you really hate religion/Christianity/Catholicism so much that it infects the college football team you root for? You poor, sad, little man…

Thank Bob Davie for your gleeful respite from bowl wins; ND fans need not call on luck nor a higher power with Weiss at the helm. Granted, one season does not make a career, but the marked (and fairly consistent) improvement of a generally mediocre team over this season is indicative of the importance of coaching. Give it time, and enjoy your petty revelry while you can…


The problem was that they benched this guy.

Actually, that should have been “the college football team you root against”, not “for”.

Nonetheless, I take it that “sanctimonious”, “son of god”, “praying for a tackle”, “another corporation you may have heard of”, and “tied to a silly fantasy” all refer to the fact that Notre Dame is a Catholic University, which seems to be one of (if not the primary or only) reason for the OP’s tirade.

I’d be happy to be corrected if I misinterpreted.

I read it the same way as Digital Stimulus. Just another evangelizing atheist, getting on his soapbox to beat his chest and show how fucking smart he thinks he is and how stupid he thinks Theists are. :rolleyes:

If that wasn’t what phungi was going for, then he should clarify.

I am an atheist. I went to ND. I never heard anyone claim that Jesus did anything for the team other than grace the side of the library.

1st and 10 Moses stands at another door.

Not my intention to slag Catholics or Catholic Universities, just to point out the irony and inanity of those specific ND fans who use a diety as their go-to ace-in-the-hole.

Ahh. My mistake. Apologies if I was a bit harsh, there has been a rash of in your face atheists around here lately.

Oh please. There’s been a rash of whining by thin-skinned, poor oppressed Christians.

Since I am neither, I’m in a pretty good position to judge, and the champions of bombast, hysteria and illogic lately have been the atheists. MHO, YMMV, ETC…

Ah. If that’s the case, then I drop my assessment of your rant to a high 2/low 3.

As a devout atheist who also happens to be a Notre Dame football fan, I’d say you missed your mark widely. Or perhaps you’ve just run into a disproportionate number of assholes. Nothing close to my personal experience, but it happens…

well, by way of history I am also a devout athiest who happened to attend Penn State, thus starting my anti-Notre Dame slant.

However, as this is my fist venture into SDMB pitdom, I will accept your rating as a challenge to improve rather than rely on prayers that Assessment Jesus will infleunce you to improve your opinion of my original post.

Well, best of luck to your future endeavors in the Pit.

And enjoy the game tonight; not only will this ND fan be rooting for Penn State, I also hope it will be a fairly easy win for Joe Pa and his boys. Glad they’ve made a comeback…

It’s only fair that Notre Dame, which regularly coasts into more prestigious bowl games than it deserves on the strength of its reputation, suffers the logical consequences of such coasting – defeat after defeat.

Now that may be true, at least as far as the last decade goes (again, thank you Bob Davie). Of course, I’d say the same thing about the Florida teams this year. Hopefully, it’ll not be consistent; either they get better or they shouldn’t be there…

As a Notre Dame alum and fan I admit that on occasion with regard to the football team that we can be an obnoxious bunch, as opposed to the Ohio State fans who were in the same bar I was in last night and who were the height of propriety and rectitude, especially when they were discussing AJ Hawk, Brady Quinn and Quinn’s sister ( who fyi Hawk is dating). I believe the OSU fan’s pregame comment was, “AJ’s gonna do the same thing to Brady that he’s doing to his sister, haw, haw!!” :rolleyes:

My point is that most of us ND fans speak of God’s support of His team with our tongues firmly in our cheeks. After the game when OSU QB Troy Smith thanked God on national tv for allowing him and his team to play so well I did not feel that Jesus had betrayed me or the Notre Dame football team in any way whatsoever.

I understand that His mother doesn’t quite so kindly towards Ohio State though. :slight_smile: