Tough day teaching - examples from media

I’ve been a teacher for most of my adult life. For a while in public school, and a few other types of positions. Right now I’m a flight instructor. Generally, I’m very good at teaching students who are having problems understanding a concept. But sometimes I run out of new ways to explain something and the student still doesn’t get it. I don’t get upset with them at times like this (that would be blaming the victim), and I know they’ll get it eventually. These moments can be frustrating for me, but I try never to let it show.

Here are a few clips that illustrate how I feel during these moments. I’d be interested to learn of others.

The Simpsons - Up and at 'em! A voice coach with a difficult student. I love how he feels compelled to encourage him at the end anyway.

Fawlty Towers - I know nothing Basil Fawlty owns a hotel, and Manuel is a waiter who speaks little English. Cleese is trying to hide gambling winnings from his wife, and must ensure that Manuel conceals what he knows.

Me in a good mood. :smiley:

Before I started teaching I thought the instructors encouragement at the end was funny because it is so ridiculous - Wolfcastle has obviously not improved at all. Now I think it is funny because it rings true - I have said something like that hundreds of times, in similar situations.

Just trying to think of a good example is giving me flashbacks.