Tough NHL Trivia Question

Just wondering:
Does anyone know the date of the last time that Eric Lindros, Nikolai Khaubibulin and Alexei Yashin all played in games on the same day?

May 33rd???

Probably nor an NHL question, since it wasn’t an NHL game.

My guess it would be sometime in late 1999. Yashin sat out the last season. Lindros and Habi as well as Yashin were all active late in the 1999 season, though I’m not sure if Phoenix and Ottawa were in the playoffs that year.

assuming this is not a “for fun” question as the three are/were holdouts, and without looking it up, I suspect that it may have occurred during the Nagano Winter Olympics. I don’t remember if all three played for their respective homelands, though.
Cheers Mike30