Towing weight limits

I have a coworker looking at purchasing a ginormous 5th-wheel RV and she’s getting conflicting information about towing weight restrictions. My understanding is that this is going to vary by jurisdiction. Is there anywhere that summarizes this sort of thing, or lists the most restrictive states/provinces by region or something?

In my state (NM), the class of the drivers license limits the GVWR of the vehicle I can drive. In my case (Class D license) it’s 26,000 lbs, with the towed vehicle limited to 10,000 lbs unless I have a class 4 equalizer hitch or a 5th wheel.

No idea what any of that means, it’s just what is printed on the back of my license. If I wanted to drive a bigger vehicle, I’d need a different license.

So I’d guess that perhaps the license class is the place to start looking in the province she is in.

Oops. Misread the question. Perhaps a business that sells RVs and trailers would be able to help.

a state or province transportation agency would likely have maps of weight restrictions for roads.

some thing like that might be restricted to truck routes, to accommodate turning and height clearance, there are maps for that.

there would also be seasonal road restrictions in areas of freezing winter.