Toyoguard Plus paint protectant?

So my car has this thing called Toyoguard Plus installed. Think basically it’s a clearcoat, interior scotchguard, and underbody coating…3yr/36K type of thing. So the only brochure/info I can find is that it has a “Limited Warranty”. It doesn’t say what or how it is covered. I’ve noticed, shy of 30000 miles :frowning: :mad: :mad: :mad: that I have several 1/8" paint chips in the leading edge of my hood. Deep enough that I can see the white primer? underneath the paint. I’ve never gotten hit by any big dentable rocks and spend most of my time on the highway NOT behind other cars.

Anyone know what the toyoguard warranty covers?

Typically the warranty on paint, coatings, upholstery, etc. covers defects in materials and workmanship, and in the case of paint, fading but not damage from scratches or dents.

The dealer you bought the car from should be able to answer in detail.

Yeah, after reading more on the internet looks like I’m SOL. Seems certain models of cars are prone to this effect because of the new water-based EPA paint requirements. Nissan 350Z and several other cars have this issue too. Maybe at least I can get some free touchup paint from the dealer :frowning: Sucks that I really wanted to keep this car up too, being first new car and all :frowning: