Toyota brings back the Supra


Ohh pretty! I’d drive that over the bloated looking 380Z.

Looking at the roof, my first thought was, “What’s the opposite of a dromedary? Dammit, I can’t remember that word…”

A sportscar with a turbo and an automatic. Where’s the McKayla Maroney scowling smiley when I need it.

Still better than the 380Z. I’ve ridden Holsteins that handled better than the Nissan.

The Bactrian Badass car!

Just bought a 2019 4Runner yesterday. Spent some time in the showroom. Even the Corolla looks fast sitting still. It’s nice to see we/they/all of them are getting away from the ‘Jelly Bean’ on wheels design.

Pretty cool, but am unsure as to why they joint-ventured with BMW for this thing. Cost, likely.

Just bring the old one back as retro as possible. Shove the Lexus look where the Sun is less prevalent.

What were they thinking with that patchwork nightmare of a paint job farther down the page?? The beauty of this car is its lines which are totally obscured by that mess.

That’s the point, wasn’t to be seen publicly. From the article…

The “someone got a set square for Christmas” school of design.

That Supra looks great. I’d love to see it on the road. Does this also mean they’re bringing back the Celica too?

I am as happy as a child at Christmas. :smiley:

I had two different Supras. I’m definitely going to be taking a serious look at the new one.

Follow up: I hope they add the manual option


Yeah, I see those Dazzle Camouflage cars a lot where I live. They seem to like Colorado mountain passes to test them for elevation issues or something.

The paint job is quite effective.

I’m not sure either. With the GT86, Toyota didn’t have a small RWD platform to build it off of, so they partnered up with Subaru, threw some cash and engineers at the problem, and didn’t assume all the risk of spinning up an assembly line for a sports car that might have fizzled.

For the Supra, though, Toyota could have built it on the same platform as the Lexus RC, or perhaps the LC, as the target price point is somewhere between the two. A $60,000 Toyota is destined not to be a huge seller so I can see where they might want to spread out the risk on that, but considering it’s sort of a halo car for the brand, I have no idea why they’d build it on a BMW platform instead of a readily available Toyota platform.

Probably because BMW makes sporty cars their main focus while Toyota generally doesn’t. Having said that, the ones Toyota have built (200GT, Celica4, Supra, JDM Trueno, and I’m sure a few more I can’t remember at the moment) all of which I’ve lusted after at some point in my life have been pretty good.

That’s a pretty sad admission by Toyota that the RC and the LC aren’t sporty enough platforms for their halo sports car. I mean, it’s probably true, but still, not exactly confidence instilling.

And Road & Track just published this — This 7000-Mile Supra Turbo Just Sold for $121,000. A 6-speed manual 1994 Mark IV Supra. Crazy.