Toyota Highlander Mouse Issue

We recently bought a 2017 Toyota Highlander (Platinum Edition) and we love the car and garage it every night. About a month ago we noticed various random items left in the car were being chewed on by something, which we determined were mice. I set some snap traps inside the car and within 24 hours had caught 2 mice. Thinking the problem was resolved I removed the traps after a week of no mice being caught and no mice chewing issues. I also set some traps in the garage near the car and was able to catch a few mice that way. The mice appeared to be getting into the car through the cabin air filter and associated vent system. We know this because the filter itself was chewed through.

A month went by and no mice, and then suddenly this morning my wife noticed that not only were the mice back, but they had chewed big chunks out of the console (presumably trying to get into the console compartment looking for gum). I told her there is no point replacing the console since the mice will continue to get into the car and do their damage no matter what we do.

So at this point all I can think of is to remove any food items from the car so they don’t have a good reason to get into it, and constantly lay down traps in the garage, and specifically in the car, from now until eternity. Any other ideas?

Garage Cat.

Yep, cat. The only answer.

Do you find mice in the house, too?

We had a problem with mice chewing on wires and various other parts in our vehicles . We live in a rural area, but I couldn’t figure out why they would chew on the car. Found out that they are now making the plastic that surround the wires with a soy based product.
Figuring out the “why” was fairly easy compared to figuring out how to make them stop.
We ended up putting Irish Spring bar soap under the hood and in the glove box and sprinkling moth balls in the tree line. Both remedies came from the internet. It’s been about a year and we have changed the soap out once. So far, it seems to be working.

Can you position some steel mesh near the filter in such a way that prevents entry to the car?

It might be worth blocking all the ways the mice could be getting into the garage from outside. After years of on-off mice issues, we called an exterminator once, who went around carefully filling every hole in the outside wall. No mice since then.

These folks think they have an answer.

I’m having the same problem with my Prius! No garage, just a driveway. We have 2 Honda’s in addition to the Prius, and a friend stayed with us for a year post-divorce with an old Ford Ranger and some small Buick suv thing… Prius is overrun with mice while everything else seems to be untouched.

Since you are garaging it, I’ll second this. We had mice getting into the garage. We had traps out and were catching too many mice, and they weren’t stopping. The exterminator came out and did some plugging, and things have been quiet since.

Fun story: I had mice and pack rats in the garage (no way to seal this thing completely), so I tossed some poison chunks around under work benches and under cars. I noticed they were gone after a few days. Hum… hope you filthy bastards die!

A couple weeks later, I open the trunk to the Volvo, and there, all nicely stacked up and collected, a pack rat had them all stashed! :smack: Foiled! But by Pain of Death!

I promptly redistributed them around and haven’t had much problem since.

Green Bastards!

You have to behead them. And at the end there can only be one.

Peppermint oil (make sure it’s oil and not something diluted like extract). Mice have sensitive noses. So sprinkle peppermint oil in your car and around your garage. It should be strong enough that you can smell it. If you can smell it, it will be overwhelming to the mice and they’ll leave the area.

Haven’t seen you around here in ages. Very nice to have you back.

Apparently there have been quite a few reports of folks having rodent problems due to vegetable-based plastics.

This is one of our problems. Happy to hear it’s also a problem back in the First World! :cool: Our solution to rats liking Toyota was to buy a Honda. Bu they like Hondas too. They especially wanted to nest inside our air/con so, on advice of Honda Service, we sealed off the outside vent. (He said we didn’t really need the vent! :confused: )

Cat(s) would be a logical solution but we don’t know the magic to protect them from our nine dogs. We need the dogs to scare away snakes, which are attracted to our lizards and birds, which in turn help control insects. … Maybe we need to just start over from scratch…

ETA: I may try the peppermint oil. We’ve already tried, with limited success, mothballs and pepper.

If the opening through which they are entering is irregular or hard to access, another solution may be to cut a piece of stainless steel scourer pad (like thisone) and jam that in there - it’s too tough and sharp for them to chew through, or claw out.

Just let the snakes eat the mice, no? :confused:

What! A “Pack Rat” is actually a packrat?!

I thought it was just a phrase, but they actually hoard crap?! :eek:

Yes, yes, they do.

From that site:

Our family car is a Ford Expedition that’s driven every day, and yet several years ago one stubborn packrat managed to do $4,000 damage to our only means of transportation! At first we didn’t realize the rat was stuffing every nook and cranny in the undercarriage with mesquite bean pods. But then it started chewing insulation, gnawing wires and hoses, and filling the engine compartment with cactus pieces.