Toyota Tundra commercial.

Is this commercial for real? I mean, is it as it seems, no trick c/p or anything, real drver?
That’s not Danika driving, is it? :wink:

if you watch the Behind The Scenes video, the second still of “The Ramp”, it looks like it’s just on flat ground, no cliff… if you overshoot the end, you drop a whole 3 feet. :slight_smile:

Oh yeah, and no sliding walls… :wink:

I don’t know. It looks to me like the grayish area that begins under the ramp just ahead of the r/f wheel is the beginning of a void. The structure of the bottom of the ramp is different there too.
And in the video you can see that the end of the ramp extends out into oblivion. You can see it twice, at about 18, 22, and 24 sec. Still, they could be playing with lighting.
Okay, that’s three times.

It’s not as impressive as it looks. A professional driver can stop the truck on it’s mark time after time, take after take within a few inches.
I can guarantee you that you are not seeing a stunt that was done with no practice, and that the practice was not done over the edge of a cliff.
So the driver sets up a point where he slams on the brakes at a set speed. The ABS takes over and the truck stops (all this is being done well back from the edge of the cliff) A tape measure is used to check the stopping distance. Repeat several times until you know exactly how far it will take to stop truck.
Measure back from the edge of the cliff that distance add say two feet, and place a marker.
Then all the driver has to do is make sure he is at the correct speed and hits the brake on his mark, and you get a thrilling video.
::: Yawn:::

So you do believe the video is as it looks?

I believe it was shot in several takes and stitched together in editing. Like I said, not that impressive.
The moving wall was a joke, it was even close to closing as the truck went though.
Also there is no guarantee that the final stop was done from 70, they might have filmed the final stop from 15 mph for all we know.
They don’t call it movie magic for nothing.