ToysRUs bankruptcy question- Umm, can I still return an item?

I couldn’t find another “ToysRUs” or “Toys R Us” thread, but may have missed it. Yesterday, they announced their anticipated bankruptcy liquidation. Does anyone know if I would still be able to return an item if I went today? I don’t have a receipt, so it would presumably be for store credit. I was also planning (based on the rumors earlier in the week) on taking the kids to spend a couple gift cards on Saturday. Would they still accept them then or should they be spent today?

Whether they will still accept gift cards or returns is an open question dependent on the company desires and the bankruptcy court - the rule with these kinds of things is act, don’t think. Go today, as early as possible IMO.

That’s my thought as well. From the looks of it, they’re going to attempt to keep some of the stores open, and I thought I heard that their website was still going to stick around. However, the news is changing a lot. If I were you, I’d take care of any returns and use up any gift cards soon. If you can do it today, that’s what I would do.

I’m now seeing they are taking gift cards for the next 30 days, but two days ago I read and article that stated Sunday was the cutoff to use gift cards. It may vary by store, but either way finish up any business you have with Toys R US very soon.

Yeah, just saw an updated USA Today article mentioning that they will accept gift cards for the next 30-days. Guess we’ll be going today or tomorrow. Thanks for the info.

I remember when Otasco went out of business a lot of people in the town where I grew up had stuff on lay-away that was partially or even mostly paid for. They never got their merchandise nor did they get refunds.

The Sunday cutoff was in the United Kingdom, where their Toys R Us went bankrupt before the U.S. version.

Just to update, I was able to do a return yesterday for merchandise credit since I didn’t have a receipt. Then I got home and mentioned to my wife that the return was only $15 and nowhere near the $60 that she said it would be. Long story short… she wanted me to return the inflatable ball pit that someone gave us as a gift and we didn’t have room for and I was talking about something else we didn’t have room for and returned the wrong thing. We were speaking cryptically in front of the kids and neither of us realized we were talking about different crappy gifts. So I’m going back today to see if I can do another return…

I also heard confirmation on the radio this morning that they will be accepting gift cards for the next 30-days (or maybe 29-days now).

We’re then going the let the kids burn the merchandise credit on something smaller, more reasonable, and fun… probably Lego blocks.

So $60 is what now–3 Lego bricks?