Can i convert Toys R US Gift Card to Amazon?

Have a $10 toys r us gift card. I had read that if you buy an amazon kindle card, then you could use it on anything on amazon. is that true? If so, how do i do this b/c i dont see anything when i type in amazon kindle or kindle besides the actual kindle on toys r us.

Gift card conversion is almost always in physical store only, not online. Some Toys-r-us stores have Kindle/ gift cards, the ones closest to me don’t. I believe the register at Toys-r-us allows you to purchase other gift cards with a Toys-r-us gift card, but whether the cashier allows it or not may vary. My Toys-r-us has lots of restaurants, xbox/playstation/internet website gift cards, ebay, and a few others.

I think Walmart will exchange it FWIW

Online or at physical store?

So i would be getting 1 for 1 right? Thus even $10 toysrus would get $10 whatever gift card thats available at toys r us?

Yes, provided they have $10 gift cards in stock (which is somewhat unlikely). Brick and mortar stores generally carry only certain denominations.

You will not receive face value.