I often get my reads here, because the reads are often savage.

I seldom write:

But after being up all night writing a long lofty email about Judo clubs and Art to Dublin City Council, I perpetrated a typo that I’d like to share.

Totally by accident, I signed myself off as

An Madra Dubh

founder of Judo.

Should I send another e-mail to clarify that I am not in-fact the founder of Judo?


I think most people would understand that :slight_smile:

I’d leave it; in fact, maybe you should expand on it. :slight_smile:

I’m one who doesn’t understand. Please explain.

I meant understanding that he/ she didn’t found judo. It is sort of old isn’t it. Why he/ she made the typo I have no idea.

Thanks. I do get that part, but where’s the “typo” (as in something mistyped)?

I’m guessing “the founder of Judo” was a block of text originally intended to be in the body of the email somewhere, but was replaced (but not over-written) with other phrasing, and unintentionally left to slink further down to the bottom with every carriage return, successfully hiding until post-review.

It’s more of a formatting error, but I also include such accidents under the broad umbrella of “typo”.

I could accept that as what happened but I reserve “typo” for misspellings in my own use of the word. I kept trying to reorganize Judo to a word I knew. Closest I could get was “dojo” and I couldn’t make that make sense.