I like stories and thought I would give this forum a try and see just what you all are talking about…

Read some intersting things but havnt got it down yet if this is a replying sort of forum where you all can ask questions of one another or is all things directed to Cecil .

Any one want to exchange words to this that I have just said? If in fact you can… thx ,if you will as you know better on how this forum works …

Oh ,and another question: If this a forum where one gets yelled at all the time for making spelling mistakes and the like I will not make it here … LOL


We’re all talking amongst ourselves in here. I recommend you browse all the forum (fora?), and read the stickies at the top of each one, to get a sense for the type of posts in each, and the behavior expected in each (they vary - a lot!)

It’s been my experience that spelling and typing errors are overlooked; hypocrisy is not. So, as long as you don’t go abusing someone else for their typing errors, yours will be forgiven as well.

Good luck!

Welcome, Gopapa. :slight_smile: Just wander through the fora and you’ll quickly notice the differences in content and tone.

I suspect that a LOT of bad spelling might get some adverse reaction, but, heck, there’s not a one of us that doesn’t make typos.

Plus, we have a sort of karmic law - [Gaudere[/'s Law** that states that anyone posting to correct the spelling or grammar of another poster will inevitably make such an error in that very post. :smiley:

And, yes, it is a case of us all talking amongst ourselves, sometimes terribly clever stuff, and sometimes just very amusing inanities.

Have fun!

Ack - isn’t that just lovely? As a marvellous example, I manage to muck up the coding re. Gaudere’s Law. :smack:

I’m going to crawl away and hide under a rock now.

Cecil posts here. Sometimes. As in, once every 1,ooo years. Not everyday.

Are you completely mad?

I believe you ment to type “completely made.” :wink:

Well, no, not ***completely * ** . . .