Where has all the spelling gone? Long time passing....

I know it’s “only” a message board, but for the love of Og can you fucknuts at least learn basic spelling and punctuation?

I’m not specifically singling out anyone in particular, there just seems to be a rash of misspellings and punctuation faux pas lately. It seems to be in the air, or some such.

Shit, I need a life. But seriously, do you know how fucking distracting it is to be reading a great reply and all of a sudden be hit over the head with a glaring error? It just seems that people intelligent enough to have a computer and interact with the internet would at least have basic spelling skills.

And yes, I fully acknowledge that I’m being anal about this, but holy fuck it pisses me off.

Does the fact that there is no specific “previous post” mean that Gaudere’s Law doesn’t apply?

Be glad you’re not on a gamers’ board.


Have you ever…been…to the Internet?

I would have used a semicolon after ‘particular’, and moved ‘lately’ from its dangling position to just before ‘there’, perhaps even transposing the the two phrases to decrease the awkwardness.

I, for one, am greatful for this thread.

Yes, the semicolon would have been more appropriate. Switching the two phrases probably would have worked. Except for the semi, I like it the way it is.

Not that I asked. :smiley:

Let’s just not go dere.

I laughed reading this. The…pause…was absolute comic timing.

Feydeau – spend a little time reading threads on the Internet Movie Database (www.imdb.com). Give it half an hour, and you’ll have a whole new appreciation for this message board (or you may give up entirely on the human race).

(I do agree we could all do a better job of proofreading our own posts.)

Well, rather than pony up a whole new thread on the subject…
I need to pit my Mother and my 5th grade English teacher. Seriously. They did this to me. I have a VERY hard time reading misspelled words. It grates on me like crazy. Apparently, I’m an anomaly, because people who can’t spell don’t understand what my problem is. I have a friend who has a MASTER’S degree. He spells so bad, I imagine he must have a hard time spelling his own name. You know what he says to me? He says,“Well, so what if it’s not spelled right? You knew what the word was anyway, didn’t you?” Well, I guess so, but just because I know that it’s possible to spell “fish” “ghoti” does not make it right. It is painful. STOP IT!

I also have a major problem with “D00D” speak. Substituting “u” for “you” is not fucking acceptable. Neither is using “2”. All of it. I want it destroyed.

Disclaimer: Punctuation. I know. There are some screwups. Please be kind.

I know my spelling and grammar sucks… that’s the main reason I joined this message board, I’m trying to improve it. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Feel free to correct my grammer and spelling anyplace anywhere.

I blame the education systems in our schools and our current testing systems. I shouldn’t have gotten the grades I did in school nor the scores on the ACT and SAT with such horrible english. Part of my problem is the way my brain functions, but I know I’m not hopeless and the best help is just people saying “That isn’t proper english!”



Be grateful that this is not the case. You’re less apt to spill your personal info to fake company websites which are rife with spelling and punctuation errors.

'Scuse me, that should be “website’s”. :smiley:

The only grammer in our lives has the first name of Kelsey.

Jeez Feydeau, loose the bad attitude.

Cheez Looeez, y git ur pantys in sich a twist? So long’s we all now whut we’re sayin, whoo carez if its spelt teh way sum ded wh1te guy sayz its sposed to be spelt?

[sub]Disclaimer: I hold a BA in English. You have no idea how painful it was to type that mess.[/sub]

Nope. Should be websight’s. Duh.

George W. Bush notwithstanding, you’re referring here to the Internet; as a proper noun, it should be capitalized.

(I love this game!)


Where has all the spelling gone? Long time passing…

You used one too many periods in your ellipses. Supposedly they also should have a space between each period, so I’ve been screwing that one up. :slight_smile: