Use Spellcheck and PROOFREAD, D@mn It!

I know this has been said before, but I’m going to say it one more time. Even a somewhat intelligent post (which seems to be increasingly rare these days), can be crippled and maimed by misspellings and syntax errors.

All you have to do is type out your document on your note pad or word processor before submitting it. Proofreading your work is a simple and courteous gesture to those who shall read your post. The inability to do either shows a lack of respect and general dunderheadedness (substitute with expletive of choice).

People who routinely misspell ‘definitely’ and other words commonly found in the English language are quite simply, morons. Technology was specifically invented to avert this problem and the inability or unwillingness to use it is just plain rude, crude and socially unacceptable.

Please get a fucking clue and regularly reread your post before submitting it. If you are unable to do this, you are not fighting ignorance, you are spreading it.

Noe I wont. Yuo carnt mayke me.

Stick it in you’re ear, Zenster.

You should have a comma between “are” and “quite,” and you should have a semi-colon between “problem” and “and.”

You know, I do this. I read and reread my posts, and I correct the typos, and it never fails: as soon as I hit submit, and just before my post vanishes into “Thanks for posting” I see one that completely got past me. Or, I read, re-read, submit, read, go away, come back, re-read, respond, submit and reread, only to have the typo show up in my first post on my third trip through the thread.

I need to hire a professional preafrooder.

So, who died and appointed you the Grandmaster High Priest of The Known Universe?

I make an effort to proofread and check spelling, but if I miss something it doesn’t make me a moron.

Better be careful, your participle’s danglin (“regularly reread your post”). Alliterative, too, although that’s a plus, so I guess they cancel each other out.

I think that should be “…will read your post”.


Tut tut. This is an error. Technology was not invented specifically to allow us to spellcheck.

I think that should be “re-read”.

On much the same subject: Is anal retentive hyphenated?

The first example of Gaudere’s Law I’ve ever personally seen in action! Cool!

Yeah, but that was specifically on purpose to annoy Zenster, so it’s half of an example.

It’s great to know that, by simply transposing a couple of letters here and there, I can send total strangers into red-faced fury. This brings a welcome sense of power and influence to my otherwise insignificant life. Thanks.

I’m only half kidding with you, Zen. Seriously though, if people at least make an effort to preview and spellcheck, I don’t think you can call them a moron if they miss something.

I would disagree with this. How can you say that spelling mistakes in a post spreads ignorance? By that, do you mean that people wll see the spelling mistakes and begin making the same mistakes themselves?


I’m here for my own entertainment and I can’t spell. (Yup, I’m a moron. Thanks for pointing it out.) For the most part I try to limit myself to words that I am pretty sure I know how to spell and keep my typos to a semi-minimum, but (and you knew there was one) running all my posts though an external editor before I submit them? It’d be nice, but its never going to happen.

I’m a busy, lazy, disrespectful college student. I like you guys a lot, but not enough to treat posting here like a term paper. I’m not going to have my opinions for IMHO peer reviewed either, before you ask. This is recreation for me. Recreation in my life is supposed to be fun and easy. Fun and hard things are called “schoolwork” and antifun hard things pay me.

The classic rebuttal here is “If you don’t like it, you don’t have to read it.”

Two things:

  1. If this issue is rant-worthy for you, then you should be grateful for the low incidence of true angst-worthy events in your life.

  2. Did you think this through? Do you really want to be held to your own stated standard? Are you perfect and will you never, ever, ever make a mistake or slip of the finger? We shall see.

(Note PROPER use of word “shall.” But then we already know that people who routinely misuse ‘shall’ and other words commonly found in the English language are quite simply, morons.)

I had to read that over a few times, but I think Zenster meant that spellchecking technology was invented to check spelling, which would be correct. Or something. :stuck_out_tongue:

Zenster you can just sick my duck.

Brova, Bippy

Dude, you asked for it.

Daniel’s first rule of correcting other folks’ grammar: don’t do it!
Daniel’s second rule of correcting other folks’ grammar: it’s okay to do it to someone who’s broken the first rule.
Daniel’s third rule of correcting other folks’ grammar: proofread the shit out of your own post if you’re going to do it.


In my zeal to correct your run-on sentence, I left this one out. Although the passive voice isn’t strictly verboten, you overuse it in this passage.