Tracking: at postoffice ready for pickup. WTF?

I place an order with Amazon and was supposed to receive the items yesterday. I was surprised/disappointed when there were only bills in my mailbox.

Tracking says:

June 22, 2016 , 8:03 am Out for Delivery FORD CITY, PA 16226


June 22, 2016 , 9:08 am Available for Pickup FORD CITY, PA 16226

What? They’re the post office. I thought they brought stuff to me. I have to go there and pick it up?:confused:

Were you at home? Maybe they needed a signature and no one there to sign. So they returned it to the post office and you need to go pick it up.

But when they do this, they leave a piece of paper saying you need to pick it up. Could also be the box was too big to take in the small mail vehicle?

No notice in the mailbox. It’s my work address, so although the (large) box is along the road, they always bring any oversized packages inside. And our mail-lady sometimes stops in to use our bathroom.

Look at the time stamps. 1:05 apart.

A couple of years ago I had nearly the same thing happen. I was at my mother’s house expecting a semi-urgent package and I was tracking it. It said a notice was left at 8:00 am. WTF? I was home then. I went to the mailbox and there was nothing in it. I spotted the mail carrier’s van and tracked him down. I said where’s my package? He said that nobody in that neighborhood is ever home so he doesn’t even bother bringing the packages with him – just leaves them at the post office. He then dug through the piles of mail in the van and found the yellow slip and handed it to me.

I went to the post office with the slip and retrieved my package. While there I asked to speak with the carrier supervisor. He was quite apologetic. He said he had already gotten several phone calls about the issue. He told me that the policy was that the carrier should take the package out at least once and he would have a talk with him.

Having said that, I know that USPS management is under intense pressure not to fuck up Amazon deliveries. The peons complain all the time that their bosses basically tell them “fuck up everything else if you have to, but get the Amazon packages right.” A well-placed complaint should get attention.

I hate to make you worry, but there is something wrong with that scan. “Available for pickup” is usually the status for packages sent to post office boxes or company caller mail. For a package sent to a residential address you would usually have “No response. Notice left.” It could just be that the carrier pressed the wrong button before scanning. That happens really frequently. USPS scanning is not up to the standards of some other carriers.

Hey are you from FORD CITY? That is where all my family is from! They moved from Slovakia to there a hundred years ago. Maybe we’re cousins :slight_smile:

Not from here, but my business is a Ford City address. You know Ronnie Misheka?

Anyways, all is well. Our mail-lady was sick yesterday and her replacement fucked up. It came today, and she was apologetic. She counts on using my bathroom every so often (bowel problems):o

I am the proud owner of a very nice sous vide setup. :smiley:

I have a similar problem occasionally with UPS and FedEx. I live in an apartment complex and some of the temp drivers (knowing that the office will sign) will just leave everything at the there. It saves them tramping around the complex and maybe they’ll get off early that day.

Unfortunately, I have no indication (from the driver) that I have actually received a package (I do check the tracking numbers, though, and have notifications sent when stuff is delivered to my phone).

I always call the company and complain because I have mobility problems and it is truly difficult to go to the office to pick up the package.

Always make sure, if you suspect the driver is just goofing off that you complain. There are many people standing in line waiting for his/her job who would do better.


Sous vide cookery; pretty cool technique!

The device has Bluetooth and wifi. I didn’t have to go into the kitchen to check on things.:smiley:

Give it a day. I’ve had that a few times and it came the next day each time.

I think what it actually means is that it missed the truck at the last minute, and since it’s at the post office you COULD pick it up if you wanted. (IIRC the USPS tracking system is not very advanced, and sometimes makes assumptions that don’t turn out to be true.)