Tracking down Kim Stanley Robinson quote - "net increase in ..."

I’m trying to find a quote that I’m pretty sure was from a Kim Stanley Robinson book, I thought ‘the Martians’ but I’ve looked through my copy and can’t find it.

It’s from a dream section where the dreamer see a series of their friends and acquaintances in turn (and there were a lot, so I think it is from the ‘Mars universe’) and they say something along the lines of ‘I believe in a net increase in love’, ‘I believe in a net increase in power’, and beauty and wealth and love and understanding and so on.

Does anyone recognise this and know where it’s from?


It sounds like it’s from Blue Mars, possible something Sax thought about? Not 100% sure but it feels familiar.

I used Amazon’s “Search inside this book” for “net increase” on the Mars trilogy. No results.