Tracking Frances

Hey guys. I have a chat friend who lives in Florida and would like for me to find her maps and charts in order that she can track the hurricane. I know there are tons of sites on the Net (the most up to date probably being NOAA), but can you recommend the best ones, among the others?

Thank you, on behalf of Aly.

I’ve never actually used it to formally track a hurricane, but my favorite weather site has always been

Here’s their current tracking map for Frances:

maps and graphics

i enjoy the discussions. some of the forecasters have quite a knack for writing.

Satellite images:

No one’s mentioned it yet, but the other France can be found pretty reliably to the south of Germany, east of England, and north of Spain. AFAIK, it’s never moved, so there’s not much point in tracking it.

I will forward those URLs to my friend. Doesn’t exactly look good for her for the time being…

If some of you are aware of other good sites, please add. And, again, thank you.
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