What's a good site that shows storm forecast path maps?

Last year I used

because I like these maps:

but that site has a problem or something, where they aren’t updating the forecast track maps as frequently as they used to.

Anybody know a site with that type of map that keeps it more up-to-date?

Well, the only other site I know of is the Hurricane Center at AccuWeather, but you might be interested in the notice just posted at the NOAA site:

Hey cool! I missed that, thanks.

This is the one I usually watch. It updates regularly.


Here’s another good one.

Weather Underground Tropical Storm Tracking Map Page

I also like to use NOAA’s offshore weather data buoy information for real-time conditions offshore. Click on “Recent Observations” for the index map page to select other areas. Eastern Gulf of Mexico Data Buoy Page These buoys record everything from wave height and wind speed to water temperature.

I also like http://hurricane.terrapin.com/

my favourite is www.moreweather.com he has lots of links and tends not to get bogged down.

i really enjoy the storm wrap ups at the bottom of the page.

looks like 4 will be a cape verde storm.

When using a private-sector weather site, watch your back. Some implant spyware, so run a spyware check to see what you picked up.

I can vouch for Weather Underground; they don’t install spyware. They also have a membership option - $5 a year for no advertising.