Trader Joe's pizza

I didn’t plan on making it last night, but the SO wanted it. I had some Trader Joe’s herbed pizza dough in the fridge. When I was out on an errand, I picked up some of their pizza sauce, pepperoni, and Quattro Formaggio. The SO sent me out later for fresh mushrooms, and I got a green bell pepper while I was at it. I was going to make a couple of calzones, but it just wasn’t happening. (Weird, I’ve made them before.) I ended up making an ugly pizza from the failed calzone, and a nice-looking pizza. I really piled on the pepperoni and other toppings. The pizzas were baked in a 500ºF oven on a perforated pizza pan.

I’d prefer a thicker sauce, especially since she likes extra sauce; but I have to say that TJ’s sauce tastes good. It’s easier than making my own, and it’s only $1.99 for a jar. The pepperoni was nice too. I use TJ’s dough semi-frequently. For $1.29 you can’t beat it. I use the four shredded cheeses when I want a change from straight mozzarella.

I made the crust very thin, much thinner than when I use a cast-iron pan or when I (successfully) make calzone. It came out nice and crisp, and nicely browned on the bottom. The herbed dough complimented the Quattro Formaggio well.

Just had a cold slice for breakfast. :slight_smile: (Or first breakfast, since the SO wants hashbrowns. :wink: )

I used to love Trader Joe’s mini “spicy spinach” pizzas (sadly discontinued in my neck o’ the woods). I would top them off with some TJ’s soy chorizo, pop 'em in the microwave and then fold in half and eat like a taco. Yum!

I never cared for TJ’s pre-made pizzas. Or more accurately, I didn’t think they were better than some mass-market frozen pizzas.

But you can’t beat their refrigerated dough for convenience and price.

TJ’s has pizza sauce in a plastic tub, usually right next to the pizza dough. It’s miles better than the stuff in the jar.

Really? I’ll look for it there. We thought the stuff in the jar was pretty tasty.

This stuff. :slight_smile: