Trading Spaces 6/21, or, It all sounds so dirty!

Before I get to the rooms, I have to say, about the new carpenter…knowing that he’s done some soft-core porn made me hear everything he said as being just so filthy!

“We’re gonna do some manly things!” (Yes sir!)
“You ready for this?” (Yes sir!)
“I know you’ve been waiting all day for this.”
“Make sure it slides under.”
“It’s not dirty underneath, is it?”
“Once this goes down it’s not coming back up.”

I liked Frank’s room all right. Laurie’s room was OK too, except those bloody stripes would drive me insane after a while.

OOOOOo, new carpenter is C U T E!

I liked the rooms. I’m glad the stripes where just on 1 wall - easier to paint over after they grate on your nerves.

I’m sorry, I didn’t see Otto’s thread before I posted.

Mine is over here.

I thought Frank’s room was okay, but it didn’t tie together well. If maybe he made all of the red stuff navy blue like the curtains, I would’ve liked it better. I do appreciate that Frank isn’t being as kitschy/crafty these days, though, so I’ll cut him some slack.

Laurie’s was nice. Not one of my favorites, but I would certainly be happy with it. But man, she really can’t resist putting yellow somewhere in the room, can she? I think it would physically pain her not to.

I must fawn over the new carpenter as well. When they were looking for a new carpenter, their main qualification must have been “eye candy.” And he’s been in soft core porn? Any titles? (She says while she hurriedly searches for her Blockbuster card.)

I didn’t know about the porn, Otto. He is sure a hunk, though.